Introducing The Ivy Style Heyday Belt: Grab One Of The Last Few Extras, Size 36

After months of teasing on Facebook and unveiled here in a sneak peek last week, we are pleased to unveil the latest Ivy Style product offering!

As a follow-up to the Ivy Style Club Tie (of which there are about five left, grab yours here before they’re gone), we now pay tribute to Ivy history with The Ivy Style Heyday Commemoration Belt, which tells the story of the rise and fall in popuarlity of Ivy during the years 1954 to 1967, the parameters we commonly use around here to mark the heyday.

The series of motifs starts off with a campus building and collegiate pennant announcing the year 1954. The Ivy League Look then “marches” in popularity, symbolized by a pair of legs wearing khakis, white socks and Weejuns, in hommage to the many strolling students that fill the pages of “Take Ivy.” The popularity is further represented by a buttondown collar and rep-striped shield. The narrative reaches its tragic ending with a skull-and-bones tombstone with the year ’67 in roman numerals.

Now on to the details. In keeping with the heyday theme, the belts are priced at $67.54. Priority shipping is an additional $5.95, and the belts should be ready in about a month, well in time for the holidays for anyone inclined to give belts as gifts. The belts are being made for us by Leather Man in Essex, Connecticut, one of Ivy Style’s loyal sponsors. The ribbon is attached to cotton surcingle, of which you may choose between navy and forest green (see image above: green on top, navy below). The brown leather tab is double-layered and stitched, and features a rounded brass buckle.

The belt is available in even sizes from 28-46. Please follow the general rule of belt ordering, which specifies ordering a size that is two inches larger than your trouser waist size. These two samples are 36 and 34 inches respectively, and you can see their total length on the tape measure. As you can see, the 36  and 34 refers to the distance to the center hole from the other end, minus the buckle. This is how belts are measured.

Now for a few logistical matters. First, we regret being unable to take personal checks, and can only accept orders via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, we suggest having a friend or family member place the order and paying them back in cash. Next, once again please be very careful about choosing your size, especially if your weight tends to fluctuate. This is a batch of custom orders, so there is unlikely to be a replacement if your belt doesn’t fit. In the event that we can attempt to match up customers who need each other’s sizes, please note that we cannot reimburse return and exchange shipping.

To place your order, choose your color and size from the drop-down menus below. Then click the Buy Now button to complete your order. We’re very excited to see this second project come to fruition! — CC & MKG


21 Comments on "Introducing The Ivy Style Heyday Belt: Grab One Of The Last Few Extras, Size 36"

  1. A little self-gift for my birthday next week. Can’t wait for this to arrive!

  2. René Lebenthal | October 11, 2017 at 4:16 am |

    Congrats Christian and Matthew on this new product!
    The belt will be a nice companion for my Ivy Style tie…..looking Forward to receiving it.
    And as for the tie…..I am rather sure that there won’t be many around in Paris….

  3. I have a belt from Leather Man and its 1.25 inches wide. Is this one the same width?

  4. Hi Matt, Yes, it’s the same width.

  5. The belt is great, but the COPY takes it over the top! Who is behind that? I thoroughly appreciate the homage.

  6. Charlottesville | October 11, 2017 at 11:58 am |

    The belt looks great, and what a terrific illustration. It looks like it came right out of a heyday Brooks Brothers catalog. I just placed my order. Thanks to Christian and Makaga.

  7. Yes, the artist deserves some recognition. That’s a really clever illustration.

  8. OCBDs, khakis and Weejuns are all well and good, but the single most important element of Ivy, the natural shoulder, is nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, I wish you well to wear it.

  9. Indeed, who is that illustrator? Fabulous work.

  10. That’s MKG, aka Makaga!

  11. Hi, Christian — please email us in CA with regard to your dad…..Thanks so much.

  12. Makaga (MAtthew KArl GAle) | October 12, 2017 at 4:17 pm |

    Thank you for all of the nice comments about the illustration I did for this project. It was fun to do. Let us know if you’d like to see more and what topics you’d like them to cover.

  13. Just wanted to say the belt looks fun and that illustration could be right out of an ’80s Brooks catalog. This is a fun and unique site.

  14. club belts are a nice tribal marker–where one summers, one’s preferred racquet sport, one’s club membership, etc.

    this one screams, “I’m a wannabe whose main interest is live-action roleplaying WASPs”

  15. Are you new to Ivy Style? This was co-designed by me. You should have noticed my sense of humor by now, though if you don’t have one I could see how you might have missed it.

  16. True preppy humor is usually witty (like signal flag monograms) or subtle (like the ZIP code of where one summers) or even obscure (Latin puns, vulgarities in foreign languages) or some combination of all three.

    This proclaims an un-preppy fascination with totemic signifiers, telegraphing massive class anxiety. If that was the intention, then yes, I missed the irony. Meta isn’t preppy.

  17. Got it.

    Let me know if you’d like to write a piece for the site on the state of preppy style and class anxiety in 2017.

    Gotta sign your name to it, though. Anonymity is for cowards.

  18. Thank you for your input, TrueDat. The Ivy Style belt motifs are witty, subtle and obscure. Signal flags, Zip codes, and Latin puns are all signifiers, telegraphing massive class anxiety.

  19. TrueDat:

    Please enlighten me. What is a “true preppy” ? How do you become a true preppy like you? Were you born a true preppy or are you a self made true preppy? Upon reflection never mind answering, I rather be a want to be preppy then a boorish true preppy like you.

  20. @ H. Korn.

    I greatly liked the Brooksian artwork in the original post.
    As this item is offered as an “Ivy Heyday” belt, “TrueDat”‘s “Preppy” considerations are an afterthought.
    I find the item fun.

  21. Thomas Mukherjee | December 28, 2017 at 10:41 pm |

    @ TruDat.

    “club belts are a nice tribal marker–where one summers, one’s preferred racquet sport, one’s club membership, etc.”

    Indeed. And this belt signifies membership of the Ivy Style club and all that we argue about, discuss, agree and disagree upon in varying degree, and so on.

    Ivy Style is our frat house and we have a couple of badges to signal membership.

    Why that is difficult for you to grasp I find odd.

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