I gave myself a year-end bonus and blew it on a polo coat. Always wanted one of these. If there was ever an item of clothing possessed by an inherent swagger woven into its very fibers — George Frazier would call it duende — it’s the polo coat, the so-called “aristocrat of topcoats.”

This model was made by Ralph Lauren and comes paired with several items I’ve written about previously, including the RL Dartmouth sportcoat, the LL Bean Town & Field flannel pant, a patchwork cap, a bengal-striped shirt with collar pin and knit tie, and — most importantly — Balkan Sasieni tobacco in a James Upshall straight grain.

For further romanticizing of the polo coat, see this post by blogger Maxminimus, and Bruce Boyer’s essay we digitized here last year. — CC

Photo by Frederick Egan Castleberry.