Image Drop: The Ivy Tumblrs

If you can’t get enough of images from the heyday of the Ivy League Look, there are several tumblr sites you need to check out.

Above, The Weejun. Below, Traditional Natural Shoulder:

And finally, The Ivy League Look:

All great resources for documenting Ivy style from the past. — CC

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  1. Scotch grain Weejun (non-beefroll) , check

    Seersucker, check

    White bucks, check

    Bush One?, check

  2. Those tumblrs are a great way to kill some free time and get inspired.

  3. Great links, especially for younger readers or older readers wanting to walk down memory lane. Also, a reminder that in it’s heyday even sears sold the look.

    What always surprises me is how the shirt maker Sero shows up so often. Most ivy shops I grew up with always carried Gant and Creighton in the 60s. cotton shirts.

  4. OCBD, I checked out your site, I was struck by your Vanhuesen Barracuda.
    Talk about a blast from the past, In the 60s,they were part of our “uniform” in high school. Everyone owned two or three, mostly tan, navy and yellow. I owned those three plus a red one, many thought it was a because of the local pro football team, but actually it was a tribute to James Dean.

  5. Paul Fussell, who invented the term “prole gape” has died.

  6. Thanks. I suppose I should start doing something with it now.

  7. AldenPyle | May 27, 2012 at 5:45 pm |

    Thanks for the plug! A bunch of people started following the Tumblr and I wondered what was up. The best thing about that is that a lot of those people also have good Tumblr’s w/ lots of good new pics.

    Another good thing about Tumblr is you can pre-post pics. I’ve already pretty much filled up every day through the summer and into September so I guarantee there will be more to come.

    Happy Memorial Day America.

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