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Here are some early collegiate images from the Hart, Schaffner & Marx archives. Check out the sprezzatura of the guy in the chair above: college sweater with formal pumps ā€” now that’s a juxtaposition.

Below, “prep” clothes:

Back when college men were fastidious consumers of clothing:

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  1. These are fantastic. Love pictures from that era. Yes those “college men” were well turned out. But then they were a relatively more elite group prior to 1940, even those attending state universities.

    The top picture is also interesting due to the “high water pants”. I wonder, did the style of having trouser hems so high above low cut shoes originate earlier when it was more common for the streets were much dirtier due to mud outside of large cities and horse by-product everywhere? The short inseams would prevent cuffs from getting soiled.

  2. I persnally find the 1920’s clothes quite ugly. The thirties were much better, IMO.

  3. Love the pictures too. Buddy in the last picture has horrible tackling form though, head up young man.

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  5. That comment is so nice I almost didn’t approve it.

  6. From what I can see of the tailoring in the first, my switch to bespoke can’t come soon enough (I’m even currently doing my own alterations on a pair of odd trousers in the same turn-up style). I’m also gauche enough to slack around in evening pumps if the mood takes me

    The second illustration is also special – great colours, ensembles and composition

    All best,


  7. The guy lighting up the cigarette at the “workout” is hilarious.

  8. Michael_Mattis | December 8, 2009 at 8:58 am |

    I’m most curious about the fellow in the first image, the one with the “1916” jersey. He’s wearing slippers with bows. I usually think of these as opera slippers. Anyone car to enlighten me as to their use with sportswear circa WWI?

  9. As mentioned in the post, M2, it’s a pretty novel juxtaposition. I’ve never seen it before.

    Replace the pumps with velvet slippers and it’s very RL Rugby.

  10. I like the 1rst picture on top. Interesting, the guy with the formal pumps.

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