Christian Chensvold sometimes appears to be running a community rather than a blog but his “community” is just an extension of Ask Andy forums (they’re weird, so stick to your tumblr). This community is hard to define, but you can generally tell them from others by their disdain of the direction Brooks Brothers is going, their hatred of Rugby Ralph Lauren with all the fake patches (they hate fake patches and false assumption to a role that you did not earn but bought), their acceptance of the rule that you don’t have to be WASPy to like Ivy style, and that membership is bought by a trip to J. Press (oh, the irony), and a unifying hatred for F.E. Castleberry (which I thought was the greatest pen name since Mark Twain, or Silence Dogood, or maybe even Johannes de Silentio, until I realized that it wasn’t a pen name), and his website Unabashedly Prep.

The source is a clever piece on menswear bloggers’ use of clichés from a site called Guide To Bad Taste. He certainly paints you all with the same brush, however. Obviously he missed the political discussions.

And alas I get no credit for campaigning against the overuse of the word “aesthetic,” nor for coining neologisms such as prepsploitation or sprezzachutzpah. What did Oscar Wilde say about only the dull being taken seriously, and living in constant fear of not being misunderstood? — CC