Holly and the Ivy

Although the film version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was made in 1961, author Truman Capote created heroine Holly Golightly in 1958, whereupon she took her place alongside Odette de Crecy, Suzie Wong and Fanny Hill in the long line of literary lady escorts.

Holly’s 50th anniversary has been celebrated in various media outlets, including The International Herald Tribune.

While the film is Audrey Hepburn’s signature role, Capote hated her as Golightly and preferred Marilyn Monroe. As for George Peppard, whose portrayal of writer Paul Varjak is a cinematic icon of Ivy style, his career (along with director Blake Edwards’, for that matter) would never again reach such heights. — CC

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  1. Lagerfeld Forever | December 19, 2008 at 4:28 pm |

    Peppard didn’t hit his stride until the A-Team, where he played Col. John Smith. Everything prior to tha was just “practice”.

  2. And here I was expecting someone to point out that “Pink Panther” is Edwards’ magnum opus.

    Actually I like most of his films, especially “Skin Deep” with the underrated comic actor John Ritter.

  3. Edwards hit some great lows. .

  4. When he’s trying to be funny he usually isn’t — he just gets a slightly strained smile out of you. “Panther” and “The Great Race” are like that: Almost funny, but not quite.

    His better ones, like “10” or “Victor/Victoria,” are when he’s focused on a bigger theme, like love, and the humor is more incidental.

  5. “While the film is Audrey Hepburn’s signature role, Capote hated her as Golightly and preferred Marilyn Monroe.”

    Not a bad writer but one is awfully glad Truman didn’t attempt to make a career out of casting. Monroe would have been dreadful. She doesn’t have the tragedy written on the face that Hepburn possesses, she was an airhead fit for light comedy. BAT has too much woe to allow Monroe to make a dogs breakfast of the production.

  6. Poor Audrey.

    So painfully slim she looks old beyond her years.

    She is 31 and looking 41. People saw the kid from Sabrina or Roman Holiday. But when seeing BAT w/ fresh eyes, ya wonder what was the magic.

    And yes, Peppard is mis-caste.

    btw, if Capote preferred Monroe, it is because Holly IS an airhead and dingbat.

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