Holiday Eye Candy: Christmas Decor Inspiration From Scot Meacham Wood

San Francisco-based interior designer and Ralph Lauren alum Scot Meacham Wood, who not too long ago launched his own tartan-loaded home collection, offers some holiday decor images to inspire the decking of halls. He’s also having a Cyber Monday sale, so head over there quick and use the code SMWHome. — CC

22 Comments on "Holiday Eye Candy: Christmas Decor Inspiration From Scot Meacham Wood"

  1. Plaids, checks, tiger stripes, geometric design all thrown together. I do not get it.

  2. I look to Scot’s style for inspiration all of the time. He’s got such a great eye.

  3. @Anon

    Hallmarks of English style since the Victorian era. Where’ve you been the past 170 years?

  4. Minimalist Trad | November 27, 2017 at 10:14 pm |

    I enjoy looking at English clutter, but couldn’t live with it.

  5. Minimalist Trad writes: “I enjoy looking at English clutter, but couldn’t live with it.”

    I’ll echo that.

    It also looks like a lot of “clan mixing” happening. Are people outside San Francisco and New York really ready to accept that sort thing…. Not a problem for me, of course; some of my best friends come from other clans..

  6. Now I can finally get the true meaning of the phrase “decked like a Christmas tree”!

  7. I think you’d have to be an English stylist of a dedicatedly Dickensian bent to dig this mix. I’m more your white walls and stainless steel type, though i do own some Tartan pajamas and a Tartan car rug. We English are fond of our Scottish cousins, even if we only show it in small ways, cold, aloof types that we are.

  8. Am I the only one who wants to upchuck at the sight of this dizzying potpourri hodgepodge of bourgeoisie clutter?

    Nice duck-embroidered pants though.

  9. Do y’all not understand that this is his showroom?

  10. Don
    You are correct. This is just like clothing store window displays that over dress a mannequins. It’s shotgunning merchandise. That said Scot Meacham Wood is a tasty guy and you can see the RL home wares touch or can we see Scot Meacham Wood home wares touch in past RL?

    I occasionally enjoy his site.

  11. Mitchell S.
    Don’t be so hard on the bourgeoisie, our values are what keeps the elite from hanging from street lights. 😉

  12. Scot is an exuberant guy offscreen, so his style is exuberant as well, besideswhich [Maxminimus taught me that word] here in these pix he’s giving a clinic in how to push scale, balance and proportion while keeping the whole thing under control. It may look like utter chaos, but he’s got it all under control via hard and fast design laws. Well done, Scot.

  13. Love the maximalist approach to decorating. Decidedly British and delightfully over the top. Apparently too much for comrade Michell, though.

  14. I’ve known a few minimalists. Their soul is an arid place.

  15. “Decidedly British and delightfully over the top”

    Decidedly masculine British, as opposed to feminine British. Think Laura Ashley, a style by the way invented by an American married to a Brit.

  16. Looks like somebody’s aunt lives there.


  17. Christmas posts always bring out the holiday cheer and good will towards men.

  18. Henry Contestwinner | November 28, 2017 at 6:42 pm |

    Camouflage for these rooms:

    But seriously, while the extreme layering of Scot’s style is not my cup of tea, he does it well, and I think that one could do worse than getting a little inspiration from these shots.

  19. Greetings gentlemen –

    As a wise Broadway show once stated – “I’d rather by 9 people’s favourite thing – than one hundred people’s ninth favourite thing.” We proudly serve the ‘more is more’ community – and love every moment of it!


  20. More is more and less is a bore!

  21. Think you may be paraphrasing old Venturi there, GS. I’m strictly Mies school, though my heart belongs to Neutra, what heart I have in this arid place that my soul occupies.

  22. NaturalShoulder | December 2, 2017 at 1:31 pm |

    We are putting an addition on our house next year and I need to convince my wife to with the blackwatch sofa. Looks tremendous.

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