Happy Fourth From Princeton

TweedyDon, the vintage clothing collector/dealer from the Ask Andy Trad Forum, recently discovered this jacket by Corbin for The English Shop of Princeton. I thought it perfectly apropos for the Fourth of July, when it would hold its own against even the most extravagant fireworks display.

And although the jacket was made for a haberdashery called The English Shop, it’s pure Americana.

So on Independence Day, let’s drink a toast to England, which not only gave us our language, but many of the building blocks of the Ivy League Look. And then, without getting boorishly jingoistic, let’s pat ourselves on the back for kicking them out and doing things our way.

Happy Fourth of July. — CC

9 Comments on "Happy Fourth From Princeton"

  1. That jacket is so very cool – it literally screams “cocktails anyone”?

  2. This is way beyond cocktails, Paul. We’re talking shots.

  3. It makes your average red pants, embroidered whales or other GTH items seem pedestrian at best. @Brian hits it spot on – shots until you pass out.

  4. Hell, I’m hungover from just looking at it…

  5. I want that jacket!

  6. Somehow, that jacket reminds me of Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. “The man has enlarged my mind.”

  7. Jim Kelleth | July 5, 2011 at 10:01 am |

    I know which of my ties go with that jacket. All of them!

  8. De gustibus non est disputandum.

    Which is a nice way of saying I wouldn’t be caught dead in something as hideously ghastly as that.

    But I bet ADG and Giuseppe Timore would like it!

  9. And how! Khakis, white tennis shirt, gin, ice, limes…and that jakcet.

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