Grab This: LL Bean Norwegian Sweater Giveaway — Results

Update and Winners Announcement:

LL Bean was thrilled by the response to the giveaway — so much so that they generously decided to pick three winners. They thank everyone for their great answers, and it was a tough decision. But a few stood out. In no particular order:

Zubaid managed to pair the sweater with not just a time and place, but with one of the most memorable moments in a man’s life:

I would wear out in the evening, modestly kneel down, and finally propose to my girlfriend.

Congrats on winning a sweater, Zubaid. We’ll congratulate you on your engagement after she says yes.

Ramon is actually willing to starve for style. Give that boy a sweater:

There’s 2 types of college students: Students who can afford Norwegians and students who would gladly trade it for a week’s food. I’m the latter.

Finally, after all the acrostics, haiku and rhyming couplets came in, we amended the rules to allow for more than 25 words for anyone who could write a sonnet. One man rose to the challenge, and while Daniel S.’s sonnet doesn’t quite scan iambic, it’s pretty consistent pentameter:

Dreaming of Norway

Dreams of white birds-eye on a field of blue
Fishing outside the mighty riffs of Stadt
For two decades I have wished to hold you
But for so long my desires were for naught

Now my heart beats fast in my naked chest
Soon to be enveloped in your embrace
What blind soul ever put you to rest?
The mere sight of your wool makes my heart race

The cold winters will come and chill my bones
But my Norwegian sweater hugs my arms
In a bitter world of endless unknowns

It protects me from all possible harms.
A future heirloom from old L.L. Bean
For my true love in Norway, I do dream.

Thanks again to everyone who played. Let’s do it again.

* * *

Feeling lucky? Better yet, feeling clever?

Ivy-Style herein introduces its first reader giveaway. LL Bean has kindly donated a brand-new Norwegian Sweater to one lucky reader. In your size, of course.

Here’s how the contest will work. Leave a comment with your answer — 25 words or less — to the following question: What would you do in your brand-new LL Bean Norwegian Sweater?

Sample answers: Introduce the people of Norway to the sport of gatoring. Have a beach bonfire and burn all available copies of “The Official Preppy Handbook.” Wear the sweater on a commercial fishing vessel off the coast of Maine to better understand what it takes to put a lobster on a plate.

LL Bean will decide the winner based on wit, humor, originality, or insight into the human condition. Let’s give the contest 48 hours. That should hopefully give us more than 10 entries but less than 500.

Every contest must have rules, so lemme think of a few. OK, how about:

1) Open to US residents only.

2) Your comment must include a valid email address. One entry per household. You’re on the honor code here guys, and there’s a special ring in hell for people who lie on the Internet.

3) Not open to Ivy-Style contributors. Give the readers a chance, fellas.

The contest will close at 5 PM Pacific Time, Wednesday, October 21.

Photo courtesy of A Restless Transplant.

203 Comments on "Grab This: LL Bean Norwegian Sweater Giveaway — Results"

  1. I would wear my sweater all winter long while racing in my yacht club’s “frost biting” series.

  2. Not a bad start. Very sporting and Romantic.

  3. Make “snow angels” in a pile of Bean Boots.

  4. I’ll show Californians what a real Mainer looks like. And then sweat profusely when I’m wearing wool and it’s 80 degrees out.

  5. Whether out catching a fish or going to a restaurant for an already prepared one, the Norwegian Sweater would be equally at home.

  6. Roses are red….Bean’s Norwegian is blue…it sure would look great paired with my Maine Hunting Shoes!

  7. Hmm… well +1 for rhyming.

    Sort of.

  8. Up to Freeport Maine // Show the sweater to the sea // Making Leon proud.

  9. It would replace another worn out Norwegian sweater that went around the world and start all over again.

  10. I’d wear it over an oxford under a tweed jacket with cords and weejuns at the Harvard-Yale game, ra-ra-ra lovey!

  11. I would wear it around campus and get weird looks from freshman who prefer sweatpants and Ugg boots.

  12. Show the citizens of Phoenix that tradition trumps temperature…

  13. I would impersonate Leon Leonwood Bean for the rest of my life. Freeport, Maine will be startled, but only because of the L.L. Bean Norwegian.

  14. I’d wear the Norwegian-by-way-of-Maine sweater while commuting by bicycle through the palm-tree-lined streets of Miami.

    And I’ll send photos.

  15. ….Wear it till i graduate, and hand it down to my little brother so he can failgate in it when he gets to college also….

  16. Candy apples, turkey gravy, and gingerbread on my Norwegian knit? With just my luck, and LL’s help, count me in for all of it.

  17. I’ll traipse across New Haven and scale the autumn-speckled glacial rocks, togged-out in leather, wool, and tweed–the way it was in old times.

  18. L eap to Freemont,
    L aughing with glee,
    B eer belly filling,
    E ntranced and
    A ppeased, for
    N ever was I happier, than with my
    L.L. Bean.

  19. Crackle of a bonfire
    A lonesome beach
    Vineyard tourists long gone
    Friends together again
    Tall tales of the places
    My Norwegian Sweater had been

  20. EffortlesslyTrad (FT) | October 19, 2009 at 5:04 pm |

    I still haven’t worked out the entire outing, but it would include:
    1) the sweater
    2) a case of Macallan 18
    3) a valise full of Canadian $50 bills
    4) Two Chesapeake Bay retrievers
    5) A high quality GPS system
    and 6) at least three members of the 1999 Smith College Junior Varsity soccer team

    P.S. If it will help move merchandise, I’ll write about the trip for The New Yorker, but that means I get an extra sweater 😉

  21. I would compile a list of the top three characters from “Back to the Future”, with the answers being Biff Tannen, Biff Tannen, Biff Tannen.

  22. EffortlesslyTrad (FT) | October 19, 2009 at 5:09 pm |

    Sorry, here is the 25 words or less short version, in haiku:

    Norwegian Sweater
    Safe with Scotch in Canada
    Woof, Woof. Go Smith Go!

  23. My best friend bestowed me with the superhero moniker “Super WASP” (drink G&T’s at the Speed of Light). The perfect “costume” outerwear, natch.

  24. I’d wear it home for Thanksgiving and be proudly called my father’s son and my grandfather’s grandson.

  25. Come on Parley, it’s going to sit in your closet all year. Give cold people a chance!

    Thad, not sure I see the sweater tie-in, but I completely agree.


  26. Stay cozy in the bleachers during Alumni day at the Alma Matter home football game.

  27. I’d prove Birnbach right. As she said: “Many a preppy is a cheapskate ” adding to my salvage from the “lost-and-found bin at the country club.”


  28. I am 26 years old and not married.
    I will keep it and inherit it to my son when he enters a college.

  29. Nice one, Dale.

    Kerri’s acrostic ups the ante in the poetry department.

    I hereby give permission to exceed 25 words to whomever can write a sonnet.

  30. As a Swedish Säkerhetskontoret agent I will require this sweater to infiltrate Norway by fishing vessel and restore the Union of the Gilded Narwhal. Skål.

  31. There’s 2 types of college students: Students who can afford Norwegians and students who would gladly trade it for a week’s food. I’m the latter.

  32. I would get the family out of the city for the weekend and take a trip up to Freeport to do some leaf peeping and to personally say thanks.

  33. It’s warm, beautiful–and free?!? A better question: What *won’t* I do in the LL Bean Norwegian Sweater? Answer: Pretty much nothing.

  34. Not fair! You’re changing the rules in the middle of the contest! 😉 Let pour a bloody and think on that sonnet a while.

  35. Take it airborne oe’r campus, warm sleeves folded under, rolled neck leaving west, due east…a perfect square forever, with the power to fly

  36. 25 words or less, unless in sonnet form. Sorry to sonneteers who already entered.

  37. I would wear it while riding my bike to school in the snow all winter. Michigan is cold, but this sweater could even it out.

  38. If I had a Norwegian sweater,
    I would wear it in the morning.
    I would wear it in the evening,
    All over this land!

  39. Would cutting off the sleeves be sacrilege? I think that would fit the Ivy way of thinking, considering things like patchwork madras and gth pants.

  40. Mixing G&Ts at the Bowdoin game.

  41. I would fight against the campus scourge of sweat-pants, make proud preps of old, and look good doing it in my Bean Boots, chinos and Norwegian sweater.

  42. Go back to Harvard and place it on John Harvard’s statue in the yard. I would also throw some Rubber Mocs over the gold toe.

  43. Praise it as my most faithful companion for an upcoming expedition traversing the Alaska-Canada Highway in a vintage Land Rover.

  44. Were: Trinity College class 2007


    Me: Ohio
    Roommate 1: Minnesota
    2: Peru
    3: NYC

    December 27th: “Warm?” camping in mountains of San Jose, C.R.

  45. I would wear it like a culturally relevant consumer and when every Dick and Jane owns one; throw it out like a culturally relevant person.

  46. Same thing I did 30 years ago — 3-pin Mad River in my Bean sweater and wools.

  47. Wear it on a boating party on the French Riviera…and educate the Frencies on the superiority of American austerity in Norwegian finery!

  48. I would warm myself ‘neath the flickering will-o’-the-whisps as whale song died out across the still and glassy sea.

  49. Uhh…where ever and when ever it is cold.

  50. I would let my boyfriend borrow my father’s ’78 Norwegian so we can finally sport matching ones on our weekend trip to Kennebunkport.

  51. I’d wear this sweater to my grandmother’s funeral.

  52. In honor of Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, one of my favorite players, I would wear the sweater as part of my standard wardrobe while competing in chess tournaments. It would be perfect for a pursuit combining contemplation and action.

  53. A combo of old and new: Take my grandpa to ultimate frisbee. Him in his old sweater. Me in my new one. Tradition is hip.

  54. I would wear it with a white OCBD, tweed sportcoat, corduroys, and Bean boots whilst riding my vintage ten speed on a crisp autumn day.

  55. I would wear it when hunting reindeer traditionally (Sami-style) with my son.

  56. Cocktail in hand at the Steeplechase with wellies, a tweed blazer, and selvedge denim.

  57. make the world safe for democracy…and look DOPE.

  58. All-Nighter Morning

    An autumn morning, crisp and slightly cold:
    This is the backdrop to scene I set.
    An introspective walk, trees turning gold:
    A charming undergraduate vignette.

    My hands make fists pulled up into my sleeves,
    And there’s no sound to mar this sunset glow –
    Just my topsiders crunching piles of leaves,
    The last days of no-socks before the snow.

    Some long-neglected reading’s kept me up,
    And now my brain and stomach both are full.
    Although I’m sipping my fourth coffee cup,
    I’m comforted by blue Norwegian wool.
    Once more around campus, a final pass,
    Then I roll up my sleeves and head to class.

  59. And by sunset, I mean sunrise.

  60. Like a second skin, it would cover me from the coldness of the Galapagos Islands this time of year. And keep me warm on the deck drinking scotch.

  61. I would give it to my friend. Can twenty-five words for twenty-five years of Naval Service make him smile? We shall see.

  62. I wear it on the flight home. Nothing is as important as family. The warmth of the sweater will complement my warmth toward my family.

  63. Paul Stillman | October 20, 2009 at 2:32 am |

    I would wear it with my vintage 80’s Bean leather cap, cords, and vintage 80’s Bean shoes as Bean’s new posterboy for trad threads.

  64. I just plain need a new, warm sweater

  65. I’d wear it to the thrift store, one less thing to search for!

  66. I’d likely nestle into an arm chair to dwell on some perennial quiddites, or if I’m feeling social, mull hot cider instead.

  67. I’ll do tons of kegstands in it at the weekend parties and wear the hell out of it for my exchange studies in Stockholm!

  68. I would travel to my alma mater and walk middle path and remember that girl…….

  69. I would show the world that an overweight Cuban can magically morph into a svelte mythical Norwegian fishing God by just wearing a sweater.

  70. I’d take long walks on Popham Beach, with my black Lab puppy, Blueberry.

  71. I’m a Mainah who transplanted to the South. I’ll show all these seersucker wearing hipsters how preppies really roll. Straight off the Lobstah boat. Also, it’s unseasonably cold here right now and I could use a sweater.

  72. Very cool, thanks! 😉

  73. Flagg Whitman | October 20, 2009 at 6:02 am |

    Swathes of red, orange and yellow leaves litter the well walked path.
    The autumnal wind cannot cool my spirit
    In my well worn Bean sweater.

  74. I would wear it while doing the Charleston on the wing of a biplane!

  75. As Oscar Wilde said, one should either wear a work of art or be one.

  76. Get “blasted” and dance to a-ha’s “Take On Me” at a wassail party full of boring old preppies.

  77. On a northern Michigan beach until the smell of campfires never left it.

  78. Properly attired, I will finally be able to accomplish my life’s work: single-handedly bringing back gatoring in America.

  79. I’ll wear to pick up my husband, he’s been stationed in Korea for a year. When we get home, he can wear it!

  80. A Preppy Haiku

    Norwegian Sweater
    I would wear while gadding about
    In Fairfield County

  81. I’d wear it pheasant hunting in South Dakota, under my tattered Filson coat and old hunting vest. Maybe not Hyannisport preppy, but honest.

  82. Paul Cookson | October 20, 2009 at 6:48 am |

    First, I would get friends together for dinner and show off my new LL Bean Norwegian Sweater.
    Then I will be wearing it on Thanksgiving Day and night. Plus on our trip back home for Christmas
    and New Years Eve. This is a great sweater for the winter season and those cool nights.

    Paul Cookson

  83. I would wear my Norwegian Sweater while walking peacefully in the woods

  84. I still have one that’s almost 30 years ol,. so I would find someone in need of a good sweater for this winter. Sadly, there are always lots of people needy families on Skid Row.

  85. Even though I am out of work I have a home. I would donate it to the local homeless veterans shelter. It really hurts to see so many down in these times in Michigan.

  86. Brian Twidt | October 20, 2009 at 7:10 am |

    I would wear my new Norwegian sweater on a snowshoe hike in the North Cascades.

  87. I have been called a Mainer, a preppy, and a Chicagoan. I would feel more comfortable with these words while wrapped in a warm Norwegian Sweater while being called all these things.

  88. A great sweater! would love to win one!

  89. Gas up the car, escape the Beltway, and take in the smells and colors of Virginia in autumn—windows down.

  90. I’d re-live my Norwegian honeymoon looking for more Northern Lights, complete with dog sled transport under a cozy reindeer fur blankee!

  91. Bean and Ivy Style
    Warm and Cozy Together
    I want to wear it.

  92. I just started graduate school so I’d wear my sweater on campus!

  93. I would wear it to a brisk november rugby game with a down vest, ragg socks, sweats, and bean boots.

  94. I would travel the Atlantic via steamship to Oslo and watch President Obama get his Nobel Prize while standing in a crowd of rowdy Norwegians!

  95. I will infiltrate the Norwegian Nobel Committee and award myself the Nobel Peace Prize for my outstanding work in thinking that world peace is cool.

  96. LL Bean Norwegian Sweater…a lasting tradition of comfort.

  97. Obviously I would be by the fire, at the backgammon table, with a Laphroaig neat, at the club, with friends, after a morning of flyfishing, on the stream.

  98. I would wear it longingly, as a talisman of an imagined past, to which my family could never belong.

  99. Christina Peterson | October 20, 2009 at 7:39 am |

    I will gratefully toss it over my teeth-chattering, goose-pimpled bod upon emerging from the frigid Lake Erie waters after my first Polar Bear jump.

  100. Ian Gilmoure | October 20, 2009 at 8:07 am |

    The sweater will help keep off the chill that has descended upon Annapolis recently.

  101. Write the last American novel then have intercourse.

  102. I would wear this toasty sweater to keep me warm walking our recently-adopted Beagle, Benny. He and I go on hour-long walks every afternoon after I come home from work. It’s our therapy and bonding time.

    Benny’s been doing really well since we adopted him in mid July 2009–they told us he had been abused. He wasn’t socialized very well and he was scared of everything.

    We go hiking in the nearby wild fields and unkempt areas around our semi-rural/suburban community west of Chicago. He loves tiring himself out sniffing out rabbits on our hikes while I take photos of the scenery and plant/animal life.

  103. I would show my fellow students at Western Kentucky University how to dress… ha!

  104. I would walk Handsome Dan at the Yale Bowl on Saturdays, unsure of whether the approaching ladies were attracted by the dog or my sweater.

  105. Stand in the morning sun of campus; a monument to permanent style; a declaration that quality has no logo. Then: Carpe Diem!

  106. Brion Judge | October 20, 2009 at 8:47 am |

    I would get a pipe and a rocking chair and a porch and tell the younger generation of the great preppy renaissance.

  107. A Norwegian Sweater from Bean,
    I recall my first ordered when a teen;
    Now with less hair,
    I can be young when this sweater I wear.

  108. Sweet, sweet sweater,
    Won’t you be all mine?
    In Norway form, my heart’d be warm,
    My style’d be mighty fine.


  109. I’d wear it for the jacket photo of the great american novel I’m writing, on a rocky coastal point, faithful Irish Setter at my side.

  110. I’d wear this sweater to my family’s Christmas dinner to bring a smile to my half norwegian Grandfather’s face while he tells stories about the old days over a dinner of lutefisk.

  111. I would wear it exploring CT, ME and Cape Cod while teaching my young son about nature, the sea and the history of this country.

  112. Living in Maine and being part Norwegian, I would wear this proudly, for great LLBean and also make a snowman and let him wear it.

  113. I would wear it while making knives and axes, then use those tools to chop down trees and make furniture. All part of my “get back to the land” thesis.

  114. I would wear it the way I did in the past: with a turtleneck and pink oxford cloth on top and breeches and boots on the bottom. This sweater was the only thing to keep me warm when horseback riding in the cold winter months.

  115. I will wear my new L.L.Bean Norwegian sweater climbing the volcano Pacaya in Guatemala. With a photo of me wearing sweater at top of volcano.

  116. Would wear it here at Trinity College, which would excite everyone that this prep staple is back. Then wear it in Paris, second semester, and show those Parisians true classic American style.

  117. I would wear it down the the bonfire at the edge of Lake Sebago on a cool summer’s night while making smores with my son. Can’t think of a better Maine moment.

  118. I will take my Extra Large sweater and make two pledges walk through campus and go to class all day like Siamese twins

  119. I’d wear the sweater while drinking vodka, eating clams, reading Hemingway, and listening to the 1968 Harvard Yale Game on my deck in Hyannis Port.

  120. I’d wear my sweater to the orchard to pick apples and choose the best pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

  121. TheWayLifeShouldBE | October 20, 2009 at 11:25 am |

    I’m not sure but I think that your Norwegian Sweater is floating over the campus of Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

  122. Let my scandinavian-looking girlfriend wear it as a baselayer as she hugs me through the turns on the back of my vintage Beemer.

  123. Sprint to class. Rake leaves. Bike along the Connecticut. Study late. Write articles. Tutor civil procedure. Make s’mores. Walk Holler at midnight. See my breath.

  124. In my Norwegian sweater I will teach the men of Chicago that not all knitwear need be emblazoned with an ursine cartoon.

  125. It would accompany me throughout my academic career. As I teach Latin, I would be preserving another great tradition in my student’s minds and hearts.

  126. The blue and white of this sweater would be perfect for me to wear on campus then to the Harvard-Yale Game on November 21, 2009 at the Yale Bowl, New Haven, CT.

  127. Sit in on a Harvard lecture until I get kicked out. Realistically though, I’ll probably get a ketchup stain on it. IVY STATUS!

  128. I would streak boldly across the quad, catch it on the fly, tie it around my neck, only to hear a girl mutter, “Nice sweater.”

  129. I’d finally indulge in my secret adoration for the timeless preppy style that my Trinity peers sport so effortlessly daily. I want to break free.

  130. Katie Clark | October 20, 2009 at 1:22 pm |

    I would proudly sport my Norwegian sweater through the streets of Portland, Maine proudly showing that this preppy staple is “back.” Then it would travel with me home to Minnesota where I could proudly proclaim “Jeg elsker deg, L.L. Bean!” and people would actually understand the Norwegian 🙂

  131. I would give it to my son, he wants my original LL Bean willed to him upon my death, since it has not been available for quite some time. Getting this sweater would save me the hassle of dying early.

  132. I will wear it to whatever Ivy League grad school I get into to teach those pesky undergrads to respect their schools heritage.

  133. I’d wear it cycling around the cool, fall streets of my hometown. I’d stop to sit outside under reddening leaves and sip spiced cider.

  134. I’ll wear it betwixt a pink oxford button down and some foul weather gear, whilst affecting patrician nonchalance and dissembling desperate class insecurities.

  135. I would give it to my son who desperately tries to have “that look” and smile as he walks out the door, books under his arm.

  136. Wear it like all my other clothes: with a detached air of superiority.

  137. Boy meets sweater, no static. Class marries class, a match made in—Maine. Honeymoon: life. Keywords: woodland, fjord blue, craft, prance.

  138. I’d give it to our 94 year old Aunt who is originally from Norway as a Christmas sweater. I know she’d be tickled by it and wear it to show all her friends in the Senior Center! LOL : ) Christine

  139. I’d wear it, tied about my neck, on the shore of the Charles waiting to beat the Harvard crew team in a scrimmage.

  140. I’m going to wear mine while I ride my Irish horse into the surf on Deer Isle.

  141. Living in Florida, I would wear it in my friends walk-in cooler, armed with Longfellow, Brandy and dream of a New England fall.

  142. I would wear skiing at Stowe–it’s cold in Vermont.

  143. ClarkRockefeller | October 20, 2009 at 6:52 pm |

    I would wear it to other people’s college reunions and swindle them out of money.

  144. The sweater and I will conquer the next end-of-season chinese downhill at Squaw

  145. I would go to Norway just to see how good this sweater looks under the midnight sun.

  146. Life couldn’t be better than winning a sweater. LL would smile and Leon would grin if they could just see the state I’d be in!

  147. Remarkable sweater, the Norwegian blue. Beautiful plumage.

  148. also, I laughed at Samantha @ 7:35 and Daniel @ 7:37 is quite on point.

  149. and Lulu at 11:17 am is charming

  150. Spencer Bennett | October 20, 2009 at 8:09 pm |

    From my office in the valley to the snow covered peaks I love the best, it would bring East Coast class to the Intermountain West.

  151. Sean Goodwin | October 20, 2009 at 8:13 pm |

    Sail a boat, grow a beard, eat lobster and clams, bury treasure, ride a horse, marry my sweetheart, visit Monhegan, and nap on York Beach…

  152. I would beat the hell out of a hipster.

  153. Can you tell them to bring back to the old down vests too with snap buttons rather than a zipper? The new colors are terrible as well. Bring back a royal blue or kelly green.

  154. I will write a Haiku in Norwegian, and dedicate it to my favorite Redwood tree.

  155. I’d come home to the alma mater in it this weekend, sit on the banks of the Connecticut at dusk with a bottle of bourbon, a great girl, some dear friends, a few cigarettes, and quiet conversation about old times, good times, and those to come.

  156. With my LL Bean Norwegian sweater I would sit outside, among the beautiful bright fall colors, seriously contemplating how to incorporate a “ø” into my name.

    -Rjichørd ? Does that look Norwegian enough to match the sweater?

  157. Richard Doggett | October 20, 2009 at 11:59 pm |

    I would lay back and wish to have a second one in a different color.

  158. Watch waves
    on a crisp coastline
    and stare into the sea.
    While infinite nature,
    a gentle grace,
    stares back into

  159. I’d don my Norwegian sweater from LL Bean,
    and stroll over to where all the cool cats are seen.
    With my college scarf and shiny-tan brogues
    you’ll hear all the gents squeal he’s so in vogue!

  160. Save the world, cure cancer, kiss small children, woo Hollywood starlets, and stop global warming. Or, at the very least, enjoy a nice Chianti by the fire.

  161. I would wear my Norwegian back to the Retail Store in Freeport, where I sold so many in the eighties. The nostalgia would be sublime.

  162. Marshall – can I be in your Preppy Gang?

  163. I would wear my Norwegian sweater during my glorious return to my collegiate campus despite my less than stellar academic performance.

  164. Bob McClellan | October 21, 2009 at 7:42 am |

    ‘Wegian sweater, Bean boots, Bills Khakis, down vest, bourbon, Tenn v Alabama on TV, in the Smokies while the leaves turn. Life is good.

  165. Run amuck.

  166. Carolyn Woodworth | October 21, 2009 at 8:36 am |

    I’d keep a whole lot warmer when the norther beats the torrid.

  167. Love my wife, raise my family, respect my folks, read great books, entertain close friends, appreciate others skill, serve our nation, own property, vote, protect the helpless…you know, what a decent man ought to do.

  168. I would couple it with a fake Norwegian accent and hit on chicks.

  169. Drink beer,
    While sledding, of course
    Drink whiskey,
    While Ice-fishing, of course
    Then toss on a Barbour,
    For my own European Union.

  170. Seize the day comforted by a blue, woolen reminder that style trumps fashion.

  171. Living in Wisconsin, I’d wear my sweater to milk in the barn to hear “Whoa! Muchacho!” and “Moo-Moo-WOW!”

  172. I would wear my LL Bean Norwegian sweater when interrupting the acceptance speech of whomever happens to be the lucky winner to express my belief that Beyonce was more deserving of the sweater and should have won it in the first place!

  173. awwwwww @ Lulu – 11:17 am

  174. I’d pine for the fjords while wearing it.

  175. Dreaming of Norway (a sonnet)

    Dreams of white birds-eye on a field of blue
    Fishing outside the mighty riffs of Stadt
    For two decades I have wished to hold you
    But for so long my desires were for naught
    Now my heart beats fast in my naked chest
    Soon to be enveloped in your embrace
    What blind soul ever put you to rest?
    The mere sight of your wool makes my heart race
    The cold winters will come and chill my bones
    But my Norwegian sweater hugs my arms
    In a bitter world of endless unknowns
    It protects me from all possible harms.
    A future heirloom from old L.L. Bean
    For my true love in Norway, I do dream.

  176. Take my golden retrievers to the pond where we lost Clark to blue-green algae and erect signs to warn others of the danger to dogs.

    Not part of contest but important to those who enjoy a dog critical to ivy style: Spending a day in a nature preserve with your dogs is great, but be careful of standing water in duck ponds. Blue-Green algae is toxic and can drop a head of cattle in 48 hours, or in my case, a 9-year old golden retriever named Clark. Check it out and protect your pets. After all, what is the great outdoors without a sporting dog?

  177. Prompt fist a cuffs with my little brother. Perfect outerwear for the traditional late summer Maine family vacation.

  178. Spelling counts, Joe.

  179. I suppose that in my Bean Norwegian sweater I’ll do as little as I have to.

  180. I’d wear my new Norwegian to negate nudity, nausea ‘n naffness, netting native northern narwhal (neither nascent nor nicked ♥), necessary nourishment during natty, nautical navigations.

  181. I’d wear it to my first company meeting for my startup, Tailgate Specialists. And I’d be confident I’m the most comfortable.

  182. The storied yarn
    Once beheld
    Twisted and looming
    Agrees with
    Laughter and brisk winds

    Woolen barricade
    Against autumnal changes
    Snugly bringing me
    Perfect security

  183. I would wear out in the evening, modestly kneel down, and finally propose to my girlfriend.

  184. I will wear my LL Bean Norwegian Sweater while looking at fantasy baseball on the internet.

  185. “A WASP’s Plea”

    I’d sip gin and tonics in my Norwegian Sweater
    Martha’s Vineyard would be fine, but North Haven better
    I’d ditch Lily Pulitzer for my favorite Bean frock,
    It’s cool in every state, regardless the port or dock
    I’d sail my lobstah boat down to Menemsha and back,
    in that Freeport classic that my closet doth lack
    So let me grab my lab and my favorite Bean pack,
    as I hike Katahdin with my Norwegian on my back
    There’s really nothing in New England I can’t do,
    while decked out in the ol’ white and blue.

  186. I ‘d replace my destroyed but beloved LL Norwegian sweater, that I was ridiculed for wearing in my teens, that my father gave to me.

  187. I would smoke a pipe and walk around campus using the work “ergo” in every sentence.

  188. LL Bean sweater over BB pink oxford with battered chinos and ancient green Wellingtons. Relax at favorite pub while patrons stare in slackjawed astonishment.

  189. Donning my new Norwegian Sweater, I would sit back, relax, and think to myself, “the best sweater on Earth… just got better.”

  190. i would enroll at hoover academy, seduce a couple muffies and trishas and capitolize on some lazy preppie and make the grade for him.

  191. I’d enter the lucrative Handsomest Man Contest, then travel to LA for Jeopardy (final answer: “LL Bean”), then use my winnings to cruise to Norway.

  192. I would just simply wear it……………….everywhere.

  193. I would wear my new Norwegian sweater to the annual church lutefisk feed, channeling my inner Norwegian as I try not to choke.

  194. Snuggled in my usual law library window seat, looking out on the beginnings of another New England season, I would cozily study the winter away.

  195. I would wear it on those wintery nights spent at the library, peering out at the storied Gothic architecture and continuing my own path to wisdom.

  196. Richard Doggett | October 22, 2009 at 7:15 am |

    Ok, the contest is closed,
    Did I win?

    Maybe I lost by a nose,
    and it went to one of my kin?

  197. i would clean the floor with it while listening to Kid Rock and having an ice cold beer in one hand and a smoke in another.

  198. They dont get the sweaters until they actually propose or not eat for a week, right?

  199. Honor code, and special ring in hell for people who lie on the ‘Net.

  200. Well…SuperWASP still has her blazer and tartan skirt…

  201. I’m going down to the yacht club lounge
    See if I can drink enough
    There ain’t much to preppy living
    Trusts, beer, boats, Bean’s!

  202. Just got it in the mail today, and it’s a freakish 70 degrees out for some reason… But I’m still wearing it. =) And it is amaaazing.

  203. I’ll vote for Kate’s sonnet

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