Update and Winners Announcement:

LL Bean was thrilled by the response to the giveaway — so much so that they generously decided to pick three winners. They thank everyone for their great answers, and it was a tough decision. But a few stood out. In no particular order:

Zubaid managed to pair the sweater with not just a time and place, but with one of the most memorable moments in a man’s life:

I would wear out in the evening, modestly kneel down, and finally propose to my girlfriend.

Congrats on winning a sweater, Zubaid. We’ll congratulate you on your engagement after she says yes.

Ramon is actually willing to starve for style. Give that boy a sweater:

There’s 2 types of college students: Students who can afford Norwegians and students who would gladly trade it for a week’s food. I’m the latter.

Finally, after all the acrostics, haiku and rhyming couplets came in, we amended the rules to allow for more than 25 words for anyone who could write a sonnet. One man rose to the challenge, and while Daniel S.’s sonnet doesn’t quite scan iambic, it’s pretty consistent pentameter:

Dreaming of Norway

Dreams of white birds-eye on a field of blue
Fishing outside the mighty riffs of Stadt
For two decades I have wished to hold you
But for so long my desires were for naught

Now my heart beats fast in my naked chest
Soon to be enveloped in your embrace
What blind soul ever put you to rest?
The mere sight of your wool makes my heart race

The cold winters will come and chill my bones
But my Norwegian sweater hugs my arms
In a bitter world of endless unknowns

It protects me from all possible harms.
A future heirloom from old L.L. Bean
For my true love in Norway, I do dream.

Thanks again to everyone who played. Let’s do it again.

* * *

Feeling lucky? Better yet, feeling clever?

Ivy-Style herein introduces its first reader giveaway. LL Bean has kindly donated a brand-new Norwegian Sweater to one lucky reader. In your size, of course.

Here’s how the contest will work. Leave a comment with your answer — 25 words or less — to the following question: What would you do in your brand-new LL Bean Norwegian Sweater?

Sample answers: Introduce the people of Norway to the sport of gatoring. Have a beach bonfire and burn all available copies of “The Official Preppy Handbook.” Wear the sweater on a commercial fishing vessel off the coast of Maine to better understand what it takes to put a lobster on a plate.

LL Bean will decide the winner based on wit, humor, originality, or insight into the human condition. Let’s give the contest 48 hours. That should hopefully give us more than 10 entries but less than 500.

Every contest must have rules, so lemme think of a few. OK, how about:

1) Open to US residents only.

2) Your comment must include a valid email address. One entry per household. You’re on the honor code here guys, and there’s a special ring in hell for people who lie on the Internet.

3) Not open to Ivy-Style contributors. Give the readers a chance, fellas.

The contest will close at 5 PM Pacific Time, Wednesday, October 21.

Photo courtesy of A Restless Transplant.