A few months ago we annouced the return of the Norman Hilton brand with a great new tweed sportcoat with natural shoulders, soft construction and a three-inch lapel. Now you get to see the jacket in action.

I teamed up with Fred Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep and the guys at Prepidemic to create a Norman Hilton lookbook for the media and prospective retailers. Chris Callis, Woody Hines and Dennis Sarkozy did the styling, Fred shot the photos, and I wrote a page of copy.

The guys did a great job creating atmospheric campus shots styled with modern fashion sense. Of course we’re always most critical of ourselves. I tried to make the copy sound slightly retro. It’s a bit clumsy in places (a first draft, I kept waiting for changes), and in one place I used summa cum laude as an adjective. That’s probably not technically correct, but then so are a lot of things when it comes to style.

See the entire lookbook here. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD