Go Daddy-O: Happy Father’s Day from Ivy-Style

This Father’s Day, why not do something really classic and take your cue from the TV show “My Three Sons”? Simply put on your finest suits and share an exciting father-son bicycle ride. It’s certainly more original than playing catch in the backyard.

Airing from 1960-1972, “My Three Sons” centered around a single father raising three boys. As aeronautical engineer Steve Douglas, actor Fred MacMurray became a pop symbol for cardigan-and-pipe fatherhood.

While MacMurray wore natural-shouldered suits and a striped watchband, it’s his sons who were the stylish ones. Here’s the eldest in varstity sweater, buttondown shirt and slim tie:

Meanwhile, the middle son gets read for a date in a relaxed-cut, patterned sport coat:

But the youngest puts them all to shame. Sort of a budding Bill Buckley:

To bring you back to reality (and serve as an antidote to all this apple-pie treacliness), take a look at this Wall Street Journal article — entitled “From Patriarch to Patsy” — on the complete demoralization of the American dad.

To paraphrase the ill-fated Oldsmobile ad campaign, this is not your father’s fatherhood. — CC

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  1. For my fathers day celebration, I was at a new sports bar. I gave my dad an excellent “St. Andrews Old Course” golf shirt with the St. Andrews crest. It was a light orange with black stripes.

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