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All of Tradsville is abuzz with “Take Ivy,” the Japanese photo book featuring candid shots of Princeton students in the late ’60s.

Recently a copy of the rare tome sold on American eBay for $1,500. Then The Trad scored one on Japanese eBay for 1/10th that, promising to present scans of the entire book for the benefit of all. Eager fingers impatiently wait to download.

In the meantime, since it’s better to give than receive, Ivy Style presents the following shots of Princeton students circa 1950. Click on each image and you’ll be redirected to the hi-res version, where you can pore over the details. The pimples practically pop off the page. — CC

Sweater vest, cuffed trousers, white bucks and argyle socks:

Knit tie and 3/2 sack jacket:

Dig the sartorial variety — and lack of neckties:

Towel worn as scarf; jeans with polo shirt; OCBD on the river:

“P.U. Gym” sweatshirts, 1957:

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  1. What strikes me about these photos is the great variety–of lapel widths, trouser fit, collars, sweaters. 1950 is an interesting point of reference for looking at the history of Ivy style as it was worn by ordinary people. Sort of a turning point or a transitional period between the looser, peharps pleated, drapiness of 40s Ivy and the slimmed down, high-water narrowness of Ivy in the mid 50s and early 60s. Great selection of shots.

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