Yesterday Gant took its Yale Co-op collection global. Released last year in the New Haven store, the collection is now available online and in Gant stores across Europe and Asia.

The release is backed by a hefty marketing campaign that includes photos of current Yale students and faculty, as well as vintage images such as the one above. For more images from past and present, click on over to the Quest blog, where I put up an extended post yesterday.

I saved this gem for you guys, however. Included among the digital ephemera is this 1968 article from the Yale Daily News. Evidently discount sales were a rare occurance back in the day, and given that oxford-cloth buttondowns were as basic a necessity to students as pencils and notebooks (though not for long), there was a mob scene at the annual Washington’s birthday sale unlike those wedding-gown warehouse sales where bridezillas claw each other to pieces. — CC