Four-Dollar Brooks Totes at Outlet

If there’s a Brooks Brothers outlet near you, head over and pick up one of these large canvas totes. Why? Why not? — they’re four bucks.

If you’re a city apartment-dweller, use it to carry your Brooks oxfords to the laundry. If you’re a suburbanite, take it to Whole Foods and count the dirty looks. — CC

11 Comments on "Four-Dollar Brooks Totes at Outlet"

  1. why the dirty looks in whole foods though? is it the disdain for high end brands?

  2. There’s not a Brooks outlet NEAR anybody.

  3. There’s one near Muffy Aldrich.

  4. I went into the Brooks outlet in Freeport this summer. I left somewhat quickly, when I saw they had all their shirts in the dual sleeve length sizes. 32-33, 34-35 etc. Obviously, their stuff was made specifically for their outlets. After seeing that one example, I seriously doubt if I would trust the other items they have in there, and will rely on my local retail Brooks.

  5. LOL – this WOULD annoy all the liberal hipsters here in Sacramento!

  6. Kittery Outlets here I come!

  7. There’s actually a Brooks Outlet right near me in Hershey.

  8. Half the shoppers at my WW are wearing Brooks Bros.!

  9. Bahaha. I’m sure the dirty looks would be because the bag isn’t made of fair-trade recycled plastic. Course, I take those dirty look with a grain of salt – usually the looks come from someone as they pile bags of food they don’t need into the back of their gas-guzzling Land Rover.

  10. As long as it is our own money we are spending, we can spend it on tote bags, food, gas or as many Range Rovers as we want!

  11. Yes, Vern, but the socialists populating Whole Paychecks disagree. They want to “redistribute” your “excess” capital to the “deserving” (translation: they want to take your hard-earned money and give it to the indolent who leech off of the productive).

    Need now means wanting someone else’s money. Greed means wanting to keep your own. Compassion is when a politician arranges the transfer.”
    –Joseph Sobran

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