For Your Consideration: The Wool Grenadine Tie


While at Kamakura last week something caught my eye on their meticulously folded tie table. It was an unusual texture, and when I investigated, sure enough it turned out to be in a grenadine weave, but made of only 20 percent silk, the rest being wool.

I quickly messaged Mr. G. Bruce Boyer, who agreed that wool grenadine ties are indeed rare, with perhaps Drake’s being the only other current maker.

Pictured are an assotment of Kamakura’s, and there are more, including a solid navy. Check their website and if you don’t see what you’re after, give them a call at 212.308.5266. — CC

8 Comments on "For Your Consideration: The Wool Grenadine Tie"

  1. Marc Chevalier | October 19, 2016 at 1:09 pm |

    Outstanding. A mostly-wool tie whose hand and texture don’t ‘compete’ with tweed sportcoats and suits. On a par with Irish poplin ties.

  2. also sells wool grenadines. They have more of them at certain times than others.

  3. Very nice ties, but I’ll stick with challis, the Irish poplins and ancient madder for fall and winter.

  4. Why, if I may ask? You’re evidently a man who enjoys variety in his neckwear.

    • To me, the only problem with these ties is that they are only 7.5cm in width. This would be considered borderline skinny in most menswear circles.

  5. I don’t wear wool grenadine ties because they don’t look good with my v-neck sweaters. And……

    ” Paul Fussell has a passage in his book “Class” about this, pointing out that the v-neck is middle class because it shows everyone emphatically that you have a tie on.”

    Got to stand with my people. 😉

  6. Fred Balthazar | October 20, 2016 at 5:06 am |

    I like those ties very much indeed, I need to get myself one, or a few.

  7. How wide are the wool knit ties?

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