Festive Footwear

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, culminating in the biggest one of the year: New Year’s Eve.

So if you’re the kind of die-hard insouciant prep who wears his everyday white (or pink) oxford buttondown with black tie, and who can’t bear to be shod in anything but penny loafers, Bass might have just the shoe for you. If you want something special to wear with your tux but cringe at the idea of velvet slippers, then maybe your cringe will turn to cry — of joy, I mean — at this Weejun/formal hybrid complete with velvet and patent leather.

Or maybe you’ll just cringe.

There are even tartan Weejuns, though I can’t seem to find them on the Bass site:

At only $110, the velvet-patent shoes are cheaper than most New Year Eve events, and are really perfectly suited for that special night, which is invariably marked by greaet fun or deep regret. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

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  1. Speaking of festive–

    How many among us (Ivy Style readers) have been watching season two of “The Queen” (Netflix)? Episode two of season two is great for a number of reasons–including the appearance (more than one scene) of Prince Albert’s birdseye (bird’s eye) sweater? Looks to be thick wool and a dark navy ground–similar to the LL Bean incarnation. There are differences, including this: the collar is a continuation of the design. It may be the best looking sweater (okay, jumper) I’ve seen in years. Okay, maybe decades

    A new white whale: I invite Ivy Style readers to discover the maker of this sweater. The quest continues.

  2. Cool. Just don’t be like Tony Curtis and wear a French button-down.

  3. Sorry. Uh, correction. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

  4. Damn. Another correction. “The Crown.” The one with Claire Foy.

  5. Henry Contestwinner | December 11, 2017 at 4:38 pm |

    I’m sure that everyone’s favorite celebrity #menswear designer, FEC, would pair the Black Watch Weejuns with a tasteful Black Watch jacket from his “tuxedoing” shop (starting at $2200. Coordinating trousering, $1500. Coordinating tie & cummerbund, $700. Coordinating studs & links, $1000. Coordinating hatting, $800. Coordinating cashmere-blend scarfing, $1000.) “Richard” of WASP 101 infamy would certainly be the first customer, gladly forking over whatever it took to be fully decked out in head-to-toe Black Watch.

  6. And with the patent Weejuns, formal trousers with little embroidered spouting whales going down the stripe.

  7. I’m still awaiting news on the vintage fit pants. CC is it a moot issue, or still in the making???
    Jim Mc

  8. Well, as you may recall the project was with Bills Khakis, which got restructured. Bill Thomas is actually now at Duck Head, so once they get farther along with their re-re-relaunch, we might be able to revisit it again.

    In the meantime, I’ve just been working on it with one of those online MTM companies, which recently approached me. Unfortunately the result was close but not quite, and it is too expensive for them to develop a new pattern for a niche market.

    • CC:
      Have you considered Hardwick Clothes in Cleveland, OH. In the past, I used to do business with them and they could not have been a better company to do business with and they are American to boot!!!
      Jim Mc

  9. Henry, you made a mistake. It’s “cummerbunding.”

    In all seriousness, who is FEC’s clientele?

  10. Henry Contestwinner | December 12, 2017 at 12:55 am |

    Thank you for the correction, GS. I suppose it should also be cravatting, cufflinking, and studding.

    His clientele? I have often wondered the same myself. He is his own best customer for his little-boy suitings [sic], i.e. the suits with shorts instead of trousers, but surely a business cannot rely on its own president for its profits. I can’t imagine who would buy his overpriced wares, especially because his claim to fame lies not in clothing design but in… well… why, exactly, is he known? I can’t recall.

  11. re the tartan loafers….you can get them at urban outfitters…got myself a pair recently…including the burgundy and hunter green versions.

  12. Worse things have been done in the name of Trad/Preppy/Ivy.
    However, I may pass on these offerings.
    I wouldn’t like to draw vulgar attention to myself!

  13. This post led me, of course, to noodle around on the Bass website, which led further to a question that surely our tribe can opine upon with some authority: which is more purely within the trad canon – beefroll or smooth?

  14. @ Paul
    The “smooth” or Penny is the original form.
    Often Beefrolls are sold in America as Penny Loafers. This is an error.
    Which is the more Trad?
    Oh dear, but what the Dickens is Trad?
    Well whatever it may be, let me add, with a nod to the late Mr. Dickens, “God Dress Us, Everyone”!

  15. Velvet and weejun have no business being together, in my humble opinion. Like kelly green suits or Gucci bit sandals.


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