When we change the clocks twice a year, we remember the direction with the mnemonic device “spring forward, fall back.” But these days retailers bring out next season’s clothes earlier and earlier, and as soon as July 4th was over there were already signs of fall.

Yesterday Brooks Brothers sent out an email blast plugging its new fall items, so I went to the company’s website to check them out.

As always there’s an endless number of bland products. Most of the creativity, for better or worse, is in the Red Fleece collection, such as the robot tie above, which I kind of like, except that whenever I have a whimsical tie hanging in my closet I never feel like actually putting it on.

This Shetland sweater is just $98 (though for that price, obviously not made in Scotland):


I like the idea of these “Donegal Tweed Chinos” as casual fall pants, but few things are more awkward to wear than pants with a low rise. I’ve noted here before — and it’s discussed regularly on the Talk Ivy forum — that in general you can get a full rise or tapered leg but you can’t get both:


 Among the more quirky items in the collection are this tie with a trompe l’oeil tie bar:


This shirt combines Fair Isle with a ’70s surfer vibe:


 As for jacket lengths, the rule of thumb continues to be “forget the thumb rule.” Jackets are merely supposed to reach your watch:


And finally, we recently shared Brooks’ (and Squeeze’s, for that matter) hoodie-sportcoat hybrids. Here’s something similar, a peacoat made of cotton and “polyamide shell” that comes with both buttons and  a zipper for tradition and twist all in one. — CC