Prompted by our post on Roger Sterling’s “acid drenched swinger” look, contributor James Kraus sent us the above scan from a 1966 Sears Christmas catalog showing a couple in matching ensembles of double-breasted blazers and ascots.

The natural shoulder, double-breasted sack is a bit of an anomaly in Ivy, and one which fell out of vogue relatively quickly when compared to the more enduring tailoring styles that the look has to offer. Nevertheless I think it’s an interesting jacket. With its straight hanging lines, soft shoulders, and just the faintest hint of a peaked lapel, the Ivy appropriation of the double-breasted gives the jacket an easy, sweater-like fit. Note that the couple above is also wearing button-down shirts with their double-breasted blazers.

Here’s a DB with buttondown from an old Brooks catalog:

DB sack 4

Another, this one from Japanese Ivy mecca Tailor Caid:

DB sack 3

And finally a vintage specimen from the Newton Street Vintage archive. We’ll leave the matter of the ascot for another time. — ZD

DB sack