Disco Revival: Whit Stillman on Life and Film

Whit Stillman’s 1998 film “The Last Days of Disco” was released this week, the last of his three films to make it to DVD.

Several articles and interviews have hit the web as a result.

Time Out New York has a short interview with Stillman, in which he talks about why he hasn’t made a movie in 11 years.

Gothamist has a more extended conversation with the filmmaker.

Finally, The Village Voice has an essay on the man and his work, plus this interview.

And here’s an old interview I stumbled upon while looking for an image. In it Stillman explains his dislike of the terms “WASP” and “preppy,” preferring the term “UHB,” which is used for comic effect in his film “Metropolitan.” Stillman makes the interesting remark “It is more an anachronistic style adhered on to, than a class born into.” — CC

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