Cyrus in Cyprus, Junior the DA

Yesterday The New York Times ran a profile on Manhattan District Attorney elect Cyrus Vance, Jr. that makes a passing reference to Brooks Brothers and Chipp. In Ivy-Style’s interview with Chipp’s Paul Winston, Vance Senior, who served as Secretary of State in the Carter administration, was mentioned as a frequent customer.

Though Winston recalls making clothes for Vance Junior as well, he hasn’t seen the new Gotham DA in nearly 30 years, Winston told Ivy-Style today. As for Vance the elder, “He was really one of the finest gentlemen who ever walked into our place.” Winston has shared some recollections of Vance’s cordial manners on his blog.

Indeed Vance was so accomodating that after the 1978 Camp David Accords, Winston had Vance write a letter on government letterhead to Winston’s three children, saying that now that he’d gottten the Israelis and Egyptians to negotiate peace, “could I please get you to stop fighting?”

Winston remembers Vance as “a very conservative dresser who liked heavy flannels, chalk stripes and plaids.”

Vance is pictured below in 1967 meeting with the President of Cyprus, part of that last cadre of government officials to go overseas looking distinctly American in sack suits. Above are father and son at junior’s graduation from Yale in 1977, via the NY Times. — CC

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  1. Qustion; If I wanted to have a suite made up in the style that JFK wore who do you think would be the best clothier to go to?



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