Cornell Glee Club: Alma Mater

I spend much of my day with the Internet radio dial tuned to WGBH, and yesterday there was a long segment with the Cornell Glee Club.

Here they are doing the greatest college song of all time. Video quality is mediocre, but they sure sound great. — CC

7 Comments on "Cornell Glee Club: Alma Mater"

  1. As a Cornell Glee Club alum from the 80’s — thank you for the unexpected quantum jump back in time! I may have to wear ‘the tie’ to church tomorrow…

  2. Hail, all hail, Cornell! An A+ rendition. I only wish the beginning had not been cut off.

  3. Go Big Red!

  4. This makes me extremely excited to be a part of the 2016 Class at Cornell! Hopefully we can gain a reputation as a very stylish class….Go Big Red

  5. Are we still pretending Cornell is in the Ivy League?

  6. Listening to this classic college song, I was swept back into the golden age of on-campus clubs and the glee club(s) were key groups then and now.

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