College Miscellany

Above: University of Pennsylvania, 1949. Below: MIT, 1956 (click images for hi-res version):

Harvard Divinity School, 1955:

Two from the University of Illinois, 1956:

Brown, 1938:

Tailgate party at Amherst, 1958:

St. John’s, 1940:

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  1. In the picture of the Columbia boat racing team – on the left, is that Briggs Cunningham? I think so. He built the Cunningham racing cars in the Fifties that competed at Le Mans and Sebring with some success. He also raced in the America’s Cup.

  2. Interesting, it does look like Cunningham. And his America’s Cup boat was named Columbia, which would explain this scene. Good eye.

  3. It occurs to me that the Columbia picture may have nothing to do with the college, and is instead a picture of Cunningham and his AC crew. Such is the problem with simply posting the results of Google image searches. A good photo nonetheless.

  4. Christian | May 3, 2009 at 12:36 am |

    Walt, thanks for the fact checking. Looks like you’re right:

    I’ll leave the image up for now and remove when the next post goes up.

    Thanks again.


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