I gave my girlfriend a new set of golf clubs for Christmas, and like a kid with a new toy she couldn’t wait to try them out. So we finished our pancakes and coffee, bundled up, and headed out to the course.

Last year I did a post on cold-weather golf gear, and here I am a year later with a better swing and a different outfit.

There’s something about the absurdity of golf that lends itself to flamboyance, and I like to indulge in it even on the lowly municipal courses of New York City.

Although they’re fun to look at, I steer clear of Ralph Lauren‘s fantasy clothes. You know, fake-crest ties and so forth. One of his specialties is shawl-collared cardigans that look straight from a Leyendecker painting:

I gave in to one recently and it’s become one of my favorite items of clothing because of the fun factor. And fun is an important part of wearing clothes. As Bruce Boyer once said of the Internet’s curmudgeonly pontiffs, “They know everything about clothes but how to enjoy them.”

I wouldn’t wear the cardigan in a serious context (you know, like at a shark-infested menswear event), but I love throwing it on over a t-shirt around the house, and on the golf course it keeps my body warm and spirits light. It’s paired in the top photo with flannel-lined khakis from LL Bean, flannel ball cap from Stockbridge Sewing Works, 60-degree lob wedge from Titleist and two Christmas gifts: a tartan scarf from RL and golf balls from Callaway. Monogrammed, of course.

Despite the chill, we played well. Santa set gimme-putts to six feet. — CC