City Folk

What does it take to sing a good folk song? According to Hugh Hefner, “An Ivy League suit and an Eastern accent.”

Jazz cats weren’t the only musicians who took to the Brooks Brothers look in the ’50s and ’60s. Here’s Bud & Travis from Hef’s short-lived TV show “Playboy’s Penthouse” circa 1960.

And below them, in a troika of Brooksy blazers, the Chad Mitchell Trio from 1963.

Note: Ivy Style apologizes for the quality of the video in the first clip, and the material in the second. These clips are presented for historical purposes only and are not intended for enjoyment.

3 Comments on "City Folk"

  1. Was that not John Denver in the Chad Mitchell Trio?

  2. Great videos and clearly the early days of folk music contained a lot of Ivy style.

    That probably is John Denver as he was a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio from 1965-69.

    As to Hef’s comment about “an Ivy League suit and an Eastern accent”, while he’s right about the Ivy League suit, he’s only partially right about the accent.

    Bud Dashiell was born in Paris, France, raised in Virginia and served as a Battery Commander and Artillery Officer in Korea so he may have had an Eastern accent.

    On the other hand, Travis Edmondson grew up in Nogales, AZ on the US/Mexico border and is still as Western as they come.

    Travis used to come to my school as a child and perform and tell stories for us. He still lives in Tucson, AZ and current information can be found at

    Thanks for the videos though, it’s nice to see some recognition of folk music and especially Bud & Travis!

  3. Actually, just realized that the Chad Mitchell clip is from 1963. That means the lineup is likely Chad Mitchell, Joe Frazier and Mike Kobluk. Denver replaced Mitchell in 1965.

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