Paul Winston has had to clone himself in order to keep up with the sudden demand for his value-priced neckties. Look closely in the photo above and you can see there are three of him taking phone orders.

Earlier this week Paul Winston finally got around to putting up an ecommerce site for his wonderful neckties that bear the Chipp2 label. Before he’d told anybody, some trad found the site and shared the info, and one day after the site went live Winston had 100 orders.

Why? In part because he’s one of the last of the old guard, who worked at his family business Chipp, and whose father worked for J. Press before the war. Not surprising, people feel a connection to history when they order from him.

The other reason is the price. Chipp2 grenadines, knits and ancient madder ties are a modest $49.50. His witty “conversation ties,” as he calls them, are just $35.

Check out, but just know that navy grenadines are sold out until February. — CC