Chipp Away: Paul Winston Launches Neckwear Ecommerce


Paul Winston has had to clone himself in order to keep up with the sudden demand for his value-priced neckties. Look closely in the photo above and you can see there are three of him taking phone orders.

Earlier this week Paul Winston finally got around to putting up an ecommerce site for his wonderful neckties that bear the Chipp2 label. Before he’d told anybody, some trad found the site and shared the info, and one day after the site went live Winston had 100 orders.

Why? In part because he’s one of the last of the old guard, who worked at his family business Chipp, and whose father worked for J. Press before the war. Not surprising, people feel a connection to history when they order from him.

The other reason is the price. Chipp2 grenadines, knits and ancient madder ties are a modest $49.50. His witty “conversation ties,” as he calls them, are just $35.

Check out, but just know that navy grenadines are sold out until February. — CC

13 Comments on "Chipp Away: Paul Winston Launches Neckwear Ecommerce"

  1. My grandson’s Chipp2 Chesapeake Bay Retriever Tie is a joy. is Golden Age treasure for a good old-fashioned affordable price..

  2. Carson Connor | December 6, 2013 at 3:56 pm |

    They look great, Wish they offered some Bows!!!!

  3. Merry Christmas to me! What a delight.

  4. Southern Loafer | December 7, 2013 at 9:06 am |

    The selection of dog ties is outstanding. A Norfolk Terrier tie will be in my stocking.

  5. A.E.W. Mason | December 8, 2013 at 4:31 am |

    Apologies in advance for being off topic, but has anyone else received the Ben Silver Winter 2013 catalogue? I think it’s exquisite. There are beautiful Donegal weave, Harris tweed, subtle glen plaid, and windowpane jackets. They seem to be undarted with a very elegant button stance and a natural shoulder. Everything else is equally beautiful, from the Crockett & Jones and Alden shoes to the vast and beautiful selection of ties. When I look through this catalogue two things hit me: 1. the “grownups” are here–there is nothing in this catalogue for “college children” or which is otherwise trendy; and 2. I want to move to Charleston. Okay, okay… I’ve never even been to Charleston, but cut me some slack. I live in LA for God’s sake; the city of adult delinquents.

    CC. Sorry, I know this is “Ivy” Style not “Grownup” style. But, I’m just sayin…..

  6. Does anyone know the length of these ties?

  7. Richard Meyer | December 8, 2013 at 6:36 am |

    @ AEW Mason: You have good taste, sir, but why in Hell do you live in LA? Even Dick Carroll’s has gone down hill. Move East, young man.

  8. @ A.E.W. Mason

    I agree and I enjoy getting the Ben Silver catalog in the mail. I’ve got some ties from them and am very pleased with the quality. I have my doubts about elbow patches on some of the tweeds though, and would want to try things like jackets on before purchasing. On my travel list: Harrison Limited; Ben Silver; O’Connell’s; Leffot; and Drakes in London. Leffot in NYC is the only one I’ve been to.

  9. A.E.W. Mason | December 8, 2013 at 4:05 pm |

    @ Richard Meyer

    Thank you. And, “why in Hell” indeed. It is a long story. But I refuse to rest here. I’ve arranged for my body to be returned to the family plot when it’s all over.

    @ RJG

    I take your point. On the question of fit, I think if you know all your key measurements–shoulder to shoulder; armpit to armpit, sleeve length and collar to hem–you could probably be reasonably assured of a good fit. I’m thinking of calling and talking to a salesman about the moss green windowpane. The catalogue says they will provide special sizes upon request.

    I too, like Chipp. My dad had several great Chipp suites back in the mid-60’s if I recall correctly.

  10. The best thing about Mr. Winston’s shop, aside from Mr. Winston himself, is the leaning tower of W. Bill cloth books–some of which have been active for decades. Once upon a time, one of his better selling blazer cloths was the W. Bill Llamlana navy hopsack. He also has a lot the older Smith Woollens books. I mean, wow.

  11. Would like to patronize Chipp, but at 3 1/4″ width, those ties are just too slim for my taste (as are the ties at Ben Silver and the current offerings at BB). But I wish him all the best.

  12. Richard Meyer | December 14, 2013 at 7:26 am |

    I have been a Chipp bespoke customer for over 30 years, and still wear some of the original sport jackets. Paul is the best.

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