Brooks Brothers News Roundup

Tue 20 Jan 2015 - Filed under: Clothes — Christian
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It’s time for a check-in with Brooks as there are several pieces of news:

• Above is CEO Claudio del Vecchio speaking to Bloomberg News.

Shirt fits now use the same names as in other categories.

• The company’s foray into the Australian market has had some bumps.

• Last Friday Brooks tweeted an in-house interview with its director of men’s design.

• Finally, according to the Chicago Tribune at least, a politician in a buttondown is news.

Tomorrow we’ll bring a new voice to Ivy Style with an essay on this greatest of American clothing institutions. — CC

Preppy Undershirt: Polo Vs. Turtleneck

Sun 18 Jan 2015 - Filed under: Clothes — Christian
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Last week I tweeted a one-liner about wearing a polo shirt under my oxford on a day when I wanted an extra layer. I thought it would make for an interesting post, particularly with a vote. I mean, how many of you actually do that? Then sure enough yesterday a member of our Facebook group posted the photo above, and the matter is officially up for debate.

Your other traditional preppy option, as this 1982 photo shows, is a jersey turtleneck under an oxford:


The exposed white tee is another matter entirely.

So cast your ballot and let’s see how the numbers fall. — CC





The Panties Kept Slipping Down: The Weird World Of LL Bean Commenters

Mon 5 Jan 2015 - Filed under: Clothes — Christian
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Last week New York Magazine ran a piece on its website called “The Weird, Lovely World Of LL Bean Commenters.” The slideshow sampling of comments left on the company’s website (of which #14, my favorite, provided us with our headline), demonstrates a perfect storm of heritage brand with knowledgeable clientele, Internet-enabled peer reviews, and neurotic, finicky people with too much time on their hands. — CC


Pop-Up Flea Highlights

Mon 22 Dec 2014 - Filed under: 1990-present,Clothes — Christian
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Last weekend was the Pop-Up Flea show, which has grown considerably. While mostly populated (yes, still) with a kind of hipster/workwear/urban lumberjack vibe, there were a few tradly items worth sharing. (Continue)


Bush League

Thu 18 Dec 2014 - Filed under: Clothes — Christian
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After the extended JFK love-fest (hmm, unconscious pun there), it’s time to appease the other side.

On Tuesday Jeb Bush became the first republican to formally announce he is exploring a presidential run for 2016. Were he to win, he would be the third of a veritable Bush dynasty. His father may have been our preppiest prez, but beyond a certain taste for emblematic neckties, Bush looks just like any other politician.

His academic as well as life trajectories were certainly a bit different, however. Although he attended Phillips  Academy like his father and presidential brother (Jeb is pictured on the left around the time of his prep-school days), he did not go on to Yale as they did, but instead the University of Texas at Austin, where he majored in Latin American Studies, became fluent in Spanish and ultimately married a Mexican national.

America is certainly becoming more Hispanic, and evidently our Bush politicians are, too. If he runs, expect the campaign to be mano a mano. — CC


From The Corners Of The Empire

Fri 12 Dec 2014 - Filed under: Clothes — Christian
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In our last post we announced the annexing of a new Manhattan restaurant into the Ralph Lauren empire. Here are a few more happenings from other corners of the RL world. (Continue)

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