Sock It To Me: A Defense of Hosiery

Many guys are accustomed to going sockless in warm weather; some even being daredevils and dressing with their bare ankles exposed to frigid temperatures. Style guides, GQ especially, often endorse this particular whim. But even with the continuing trend for bare ankles, there still remains proper, breathable hosiery to cover up with and show some

Tradition, Right-Side Up and Upside Down

Put This On‘s latest video profiles two opposing clothing brands: J. Press, the epitome of tradition, and Thom Browne, the antithesis of it (at least on the surface). The Press segment includes an interview with Jay Walter, who spent 25 years at Brooks Brothers before heading up the made-to-measure department at the New York J.

Green Is Good: Norman Hilton Lovat Windowpane Sportcoat

Our series of posts on the color olive comes to an end with a peek inside the armoire at headquarters. This related shade, lovat, is seen on one of the new Norman Hilton sportcoats. I picked it up last week at the New York factory where it’s made; Nick Hilton gave me a tour

Take Olive: Drab Dress on the College Campus

Now that the style world has been able to pore over “Take Ivy” without having to pay $1,500 to do so, I think the lasting legacy of the book will be isolating certain motifs. It’s like rewatching a movie: First you take in the whole, and then in subsequent viewings you focus on more subtle

Color of Conquest: Bruce Boyer’s Ode to Olive

Bruce Boyer has noted that the two most prominent colors during the heyday of the Ivy League Look were charcoal and olive. But while charcoal remains a default basic, olive is an often overlooked accent color. We asked Boyer what he remembers of olive during the heyday, and he penned this little ode on its

Lands’ End Spring Chino with Double Flap Pockets

Lands’ End has released a new pant called the Spring Chino that features double-flap pockets in the rear. It’s a detail I wrote about previously, having spied them in the 1984 prepsloitation flick “Making the Grade”: Curious about the origins of double flaps and how they might fit in the Preppy/Ivy/Trad/Americana pantheon, I asked around.

Rags To Riches: The $1,200 Madras Sportcoat

The sophistication and sticker shock you’ve come to expect from Ralph Lauren. Gorgeous styling, punitive tariff. Madras is an inexpensive fabric. So is seersucker. Oh look, there’s a $1,200 seersucker jacket too. They used to say only a rich man can afford to wear cheap summertime fabrics. Indeed. Here’s RL’s mid-level madras jacket at $500,

Slim Jim: Ben Silver VP on Narrow Lapels, Shirts and Ties

If you’re like me, you probably look at the industry standard 3.5 inches for tie and lapel and think, “That looks wide.” And if you don’t, you may be part of a shrinking minority. The slim look is growing, not fading away, so get used to it. Take Ben Silver, for example. The Charleston-based torch-carrier

Ralph Lauren 3-Piece Sack Suit + Pinned Club Collar

Ralph Lauren has just released a judicious selection of “highlights” — a mere 22 images — from its Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show held last week. The selection includes the wide range of looks you’d expect from RL and it’s multiple labels. Above is the standout image from the Polo collection. The press release includes the

Yale x J. Press Official Announcement

J. Press has followed up on the announcement of its new Daniel Cremiuex collection with an official release about its Yale parntership that went out last night. The release makes the collaboration sound a bit more formal in nature, and indicates that it will include more than just athletic wear. This morning J. Press released

Brooks Brothers Fall 2011 Preview

Just got back from the 346 and the presentation of next fall’s collection was impressive, at least from a staging and creativity standpoint. Unfortunately I have little news for orthodox trads: no idea if shoulders have been changed in any way or how many sack suits will be offered. I don’t think my hosts even

Spring ’11 J. Press Includes Yale, Cremieux Collabs

Sartorially speaking, it’s a great time to be an Eli. First Gant returns to New Haven and resuscitates the Yale Co-Op label, and now J. Press is collaborating with Old Blue. What’s more, in a move completely out of left field (wait, which way is France?), Press has also unveiled a collaboration with French designer

Going Places: The Norman Hilton Lookbook

A few months ago we annouced the return of the Norman Hilton brand with a great new tweed sportcoat with natural shoulders, soft construction and a three-inch lapel. Now you get to see the jacket in action. I teamed up with Fred Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep and the guys at Prepidemic to create a Norman

A Shot in the Dark

Yeah, someone wanted to photograph me again. I warn them I’m the most unphotogenic style writer ever. I spew admonishments that my facial expressions have a high constipation factor. I suggest a minimum of 100 clicks of the shutter, not because I enjoy the camera, but because I so obviously don’t. This latest shot is

Introducing Newton Street Vintage

Erstwhile Ivy Style contributing writer and vintage Ivy collector Zachary DeLuca recently opened an Etsy shop under the name Newton Street Vintage. It’s amusing to think of DeLuca and Giuseppe of An Affordable Wardrobe, who also began selling online recently. Both live in Cambridge and thrift from the same wellsprings. It’s not hard to picture

From Quality To PR: Muffy’s Rise and Fall of Trad Clothiers

Muffy Aldrich of The Daily Prep has just put up a perspicacious analysis of 25 companies on her preppy radar. Included are many of Tradsville’s favorite clothiers: Brooks Brothers, J. Press, Ralph Lauren, Mercer & Sons, LL Bean, Alden and Bills Khakis. Aldrich plots them on a line with small handcrafted startups like Kiel James

Haspel: Not Just For Seersucker Anymore

Since 1909, Haspel has made its name as the leading purveyor of seersucker. But the company is currently expanding its offerings, some of which were on display at a recent trip to its New York showroom. What most caught my eye were a dozen natty tweed sportcoats that Haspel will be releasing in fall of

Inherent Swagger: The Polo Coat

I gave myself a year-end bonus and blew it on a polo coat. Always wanted one of these. If there was ever an item of clothing possessed by an inherent swagger woven into its very fibers — George Frazier would call it duende — it’s the polo coat, the so-called “aristocrat of topcoats.” This model

Tips From Charlie: How to Rock the Roll

When I visited The Andover Shop last month, Charlie Davidson had a handy tip if you’re unsatisfied with the collar roll on your buttondown oxfords. It goes like this: 1) Unbutton the collar. 2) Push it upwards until it achieves an arched shape. 3) Stick the tip of a pencil through the buttonhole and make

Generations of Style: Dad, Me, and Brooks Brothers

Do fathers still take their sons to Brooks Brothers upon college graduation? Yes, some still do. Andrew Eastman recounts his own father-son outing under the Golden Fleece. It was my father who decided it was time for my first serious suit. I was 23 and had just graduated from Dartmouth. At some point before I’d

Brooks Brothers’ Swingin’ Christmas Party, 2010 Edition

Last night’s party at the 346, an annual benefit for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, was by all accounts a smashing and swinging success. Wynton Marsalis and members of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra entertained a crowd double the size of last year’s, according to Brooks PR (see our report on ’09’s festivities). As I

Yule Be Cool: Chipp’s Naughty Santa Ties

I know, you never thought of yourself as a holiday-tie kind of guy. Neither have your friends and coworkers. But don one of these ties by Paul Winston/Chipp2 and watch them snigger, “Nice Santa tie, bud,” followed by, “Hey, waitaminute… “ From the witty clothier who gave the world Kama Sutra suit linings, the original