Bud Collins, 1929-2016


Legendary tennis commentator Bud Collins died yesterday at the age of 86. Five years ago, when I visited Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop, I had lunch with Bud and Charlie. The two were close friends, and for years Charlie had made Bud’s signature go-to-hell pants. As you can see from these photos, Collins was a man who had fun with clothes, especially in life’s later sets. — CC






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  1. I always thought he was a class act and a sportscaster friend of mine, who worked with him, confirmed as much!

  2. I remember the terrific work done by Mr. Collins and Dick Enberg during Wimbledon – always exciting.

  3. Definitely a top drawer gentleman, RIP Bud Collins.

  4. I will be wearing my yellow Land’s End double flap rear pocket trousers on Monday as an homage to Mr. Collins.


  5. He struck me as a guy who had fun in general. His voice is one that will stick in my head for a long time.

  6. “Nice pants Bud.” – Chris Evert.

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