Brooks Brothers: The Story of Our Ties

New video from the Brethren with tour of their Long Island City tie factory, just down the street from Ivy Style headquarters.

Here are a couple more selections from the Brooks YouTube channel. First up, Fall 2010 promo video:

Next, the “Back to Campus” video:

And finally this one, made to announce BB’s sponsorship of Head of the Charles:

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  1. Thanks for compiling these videos. In the first one, I liked seeing the machinery and craftsmanship involved with BB tie making. As for the other videos, I think it’s interesting they’re targeting a young, collegiate clientele. I know the majority of American college students don’t wear/can’t afford BB clothing. Their look, though, really has a classic collegiate feel.

  2. Really boring video. Just saying something is iconic does not mean it is. I would prefer Drakes or Charvet to name just two.

  3. So smart to post these videos. It’s really cool seeing some of their inner workings – especially of a huge company like Brooks Brothers. Saw the restaurant post too! Now that would be very interesting.

  4. Very interesting videos particularly the first one. I agree with Penny, it’s good to see the inner workings. Very well done!!

  5. I’ve always admired the history of Brooks Brothers and I really liked the tie video. It definitely makes me feel proud to wear the brand and its always nice to know that the products I spend money on are not only made by professionals who seem to care about their work — but also that it is done here in the U.S.

  6. susan omalley | October 24, 2011 at 6:45 am |

    I was at the Head of the Charles yesterday and my son (who was a rower) was shopping around before his race and saw a necktie at the Brooks Brothers booth with the Head of the Charles logo on it. He wanted to buy it but didn’t have his money with him. I would have bought it had I known he was interested in purchasing in. How can I purchase one now. I have been on the computer all morning trying to see how to order one and have had no luck.

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