Yesterday I rode up to the sixth floor at 346 Madison Avenue for a preview of Brooks’ next season. The spokesmen admitted the company hasn’t been playing up their heritage quite as well as it could, and the fall 2012 collection full of clever self-referencing.

For example, socks aren’t just striped, they’re versions of Brooks’ famous rep ties:

Rep material also shows up as a detail on these chinos, whose pockets are polka-dot lined (and if you don’t like the sewn-on brand logo, simply remove it). Apologies for the fuzzy photo:

Speaking of logos, here’s one for the ages — the 19th century, to be precise. This fleece item features a version of a logo that was embroidered inside the coat that Abraham Lincoln was wearing when he was assassinated:

This hoodie with front pockets comes in university-striped oxford. Around the waist, a fishbone belt:

Continuing the motif motif, chinos embroidered with striped bow ties:

And instead of a skull and crossbones, a Golden Fleece and crossbones. Oh, and yes that’s a motorcycle jacket:

For a more traditional jacket, this heavy gray herringbone will now come in the Fitzgerald cut:

This handsome jacket caught my eye:

This unstructured fleece blazer features a 3/2 roll, patch pockets, and two-button cuff:

Full look:

And here’s a skirt suit in patchwork tweed for the ladies:

Next season’s Shetland crewnecks will include the colors olive, beige and pumpkin:

These shoes were made by Rancourt of Maine and include buckled loafers….

… and this surprising hybrid. It’s a boat shoe rendered in chocolate suede with a dress-shoe styled leather sole, an interesting blend of relaxed and elegant:

Finally, here’s an even more noteworthy hybrid and collaboration: Stubbs & Wooton slippers in flannel chalk-stripe with embroidered tassels. — CC