Brooks Brothers Fall/Winter 2010

Yesterday Bruce Boyer and I visited Brooks Brothers, who were showing the Fall/Winter 2010 collection on the sixth floor of the 346 Madison flagship store. The goods represented the company’s growing commitment to reclaiming its heritage, and there were many nods to its golden age in addition to the new girls and home collections.

Though not a separate line, University has a distinctly younger feel, similar to the Brooksgate of yore. This section of the showroom was set up like a locker room, with trophies and athletic gear scattered among the clothes.

Though intended as sport shirts, these new OCBDs feature a vintage-style label, third collar button and button-flap pockets:

Pigskin duffel bag:

Colorful crewnecks:

Moving on from University, here’s a paddock jacket with canine-embroidered cords:

“Real tweed,” Bruce said favorably as he inspected this heavy 3/2 roll jacket:

Speaking of 3/2 button stances, there were quite a few:

This one was an outwear hybrid with quilted lining:

The home collection includes chalk-striped lampshades…

… striped pillows, and the mini lampshades on the table, so your den or office can be as well decked-out as you are.  — CC

10 Comments on "Brooks Brothers Fall/Winter 2010"

  1. Looks pretty damn good.

  2. I was at this store on Madison a few days ago. It is definitely my favorite on the entire block, with Polo Ralph Lauren a huge disappointment.

  3. The art of making contemporary spirit with classic style. It’s just wonderful !

  4. Just saw Brett Baier of Fox News with a purple Brooks Brothers logo tie on….

  5. That lamp in grey with a white chalk stripe is reminiscent of Thom Browne – wonder if he had a hand in producing it since he’s doing Black Fleece…I like it. It’s kind of a modern version of the gold lamps with a green glass shade I associate with law offices.


  6. Wow – very impressive. I especially like the vintage label on the OCBDs and the numerous 3/2 sacks.

  7. The label does remind me of the Booksgate label. Those pillow remind me of the waistcoats they used to do in silk circa 1952. What design is on that green tie? Thanks for the fall preview.

  8. That sweater with the single button has my name in addition to the fair isle vest…

  9. I’m not surprised at the look or reclaimed quality with a genius like Tom Jackson’s infleunce everywhere I look.

  10. Miles wore Brooks Brothers, I love the look!

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