Brooks Brothers Fall 2011 Preview

Just got back from the 346 and the presentation of next fall’s collection was impressive, at least from a staging and creativity standpoint. Unfortunately I have little news for orthodox trads: no idea if shoulders have been changed in any way or how many sack suits will be offered. I don’t think my hosts even know that kind of stuff yet.

What gets shown to the press at these previews is the newer, fresher stuff. So here it is.

There were a lot of contrasting fabric details, such as logoed rugby shirts with contrast collars (above).

And here, rep stripe contrast details on a woman’s shirt:

Contrasting fabrics were even used on this sportcoat, a more subtle approach than all-out patching:

The Brooks PR guy acknowledged that many old-school trads consider the logoed sportswear to be heresy. But it’s meant to draw in a younger customer and hopefully hook him for life. This logo is from the back of a baseball-style jacket:

Two nice Harris Tweed jackets; the left is single-vented, the right, double:

Another jacket:

If Brooklyn is still manufacturing handlebar-mustached hipsters, they’ll be dying for these spats-inspired ankle boots:

Continuing on the boulevardier theme, a lapelled waistcoat:

And another:

Tweed shoulder bag:

This Edward Green shoe completely baffled the PR team, who hadn’t even noticed it. They had no idea how it might be branded/cobranded, or what it would cost. You’ll have to stay tuned:

There were several Fair Isle knit ties played against other patterns:

These handsome pebble-grain pennies are from the Black Fleece collection:

This undarted heavy flannel Black Fleece jacket might interest orthodox trads:

Another camel-colored sportcoat, resting on a pillow from the home collection:

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  1. Any idea whether the EG is on the “Trans-Atlantic” Peal last, the 404 that EG used for BB for years?

    Oh, please. Oh, please let it be.

  2. Richard Meyer | February 14, 2011 at 5:01 pm |

    Too many costumes, not enough real clothes-and the LOGOS!!!! Yuck

  3. Richard, agreed – strongly dislike the logos!

  4. Agreed regarding the logo. I don’t want to be a billboard for any company, regardless of how much I enjoy their clothing.

  5. I’ve always considered myself quite a young-fogey trad despite being unaccountably 22 yrs of age, but I loved that contrast sports coat, like a brother. Is that off?… awaiting oldschoolers here.

  6. I consider myself fortunate to have experienced the days when “the newer, fresher stuff” was hidden in some corner at Brooks Brothers, where it could be ignored (or not even noticed) by those customers who actually preferred to see virtually the same merchandise year-after-year.

  7. I endure logos only when I have no choice (athletic shoes and sunglasses).

    That being said, I loved the vests and Fair Isle ties.

    The Edward Greens? Shoe porn.

  8. I like the patchwork sports coat.

  9. The Edward Green loafers and low tie oxfords are nice, the other stuff is just to busy! Can’t they just do traditional mix of English pattern wool material that you would see at Huntsman’s or Gieves & Hawkins. They’re just trying to hard to appeal to the A&F kids.

  10. Several things here that I like.

    the Black Fleece pebble grain penny loafers,
    some of the sports jackets
    The Edward Green wing tips.

    the Logo jacket. Thanks, I’ll pass.

    Bear in mind this is almost a look book in the flesh, how much of it will actually hit the floor is anyone’s guess.

  12. The tweed and camel jackets seem OK. The picture of Edward Green shoes is a return to the Brooks Brothers of old. (I think I own one of the last pair sold at the store. Best shoes I’ve ever owned and just beginning to show wear after over 15 years of ownership. I bought them on one of the old sale racks). But most of the other stuff is indicative of a loss of direction. Men’s clothing is not fashion. It is the antithesis of fashion.

  13. PS: the vests are nice. I loved the old Brooks Bros. when it offered a lot of odd vests in numbered sizes.

  14. Orthodox Trad | February 15, 2011 at 9:38 pm |

    @Old School

    I remember the days when it seemed that the only thing that changed each year at Brooks Brothers was the addition of a few new necktie patterns. One went to BB to visit old favorites and then looked at the necktie tables for the sake of variety.

  15. I like some of it, but really who would wear a BB rugby or baseball jacket? These seem like items where they should have continued their new trend of partnering with other manufacturers in the same way they’ve done with Levi’s. They could have sold Canterbury of New Zealand rugby shirts and worked with someone who makes baseball jackets (Spalding? – I don’t know who makes them).

  16. BB sold rugby shirts 30 years ago.

  17. Some good stuff here – always love to see the Fair Isle designs in the ties and sweaters. I’ll need to look into a vest as well.

  18. ScoobyDubious | February 16, 2011 at 3:31 pm |

    These comments are blessedly free of the whiney limeys for a change.
    They must be tied up elsewhere.

  19. Those five guys don’t post here.

  20. ScoobyDubious | February 16, 2011 at 3:54 pm |

    Not with their real identity anyway.

  21. Their real fake identity.

  22. ScoobyDubious | February 16, 2011 at 4:19 pm |

    What else do they have besides real fakeness? Just LL Beanheads stranded on fantasy island.

  23. The undarted heavy flannel Black Fleece jacket caught my eye as did the vests. I prefer to wear bone and camel, but do also have conforming suits with a different counterpane colouirs a dn shirts to be different. I rwallt don’t like wearing gray, charcoals and blacks, the uniform of conformity, day after day or ata conference. Aftyer 28 years in the military, I do not want to look like everybody else.

  24. Most of the logo’s/trendy looking items are from the University collection, which is aimed at the 20-something set.

    For the traditional Brooks guy, there is still PLENTY of old school on the way 😉

  25. Perfect FInancial Sector | February 22, 2011 at 3:55 pm |

    The large royal looking ensignia on the polo’s are excellent.

  26. I’ve died and gone to heaven. Autumn preppiness is back at b²

  27. Love the Black Fleece Camel jacket and shoes.

  28. Oh that first rugby shall be mine!

  29. pieroint Sykes | December 20, 2011 at 12:38 am |

    I am looking for a Harris Tweed Suits 2 button color photograph attached ( only the Picture) color Rust color

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