Just got back from the 346 and the presentation of next fall’s collection was impressive, at least from a staging and creativity standpoint. Unfortunately I have little news for orthodox trads: no idea if shoulders have been changed in any way or how many sack suits will be offered. I don’t think my hosts even know that kind of stuff yet.

What gets shown to the press at these previews is the newer, fresher stuff. So here it is.

There were a lot of contrasting fabric details, such as logoed rugby shirts with contrast collars (above).

And here, rep stripe contrast details on a woman’s shirt:

Contrasting fabrics were even used on this sportcoat, a more subtle approach than all-out patching:

The Brooks PR guy acknowledged that many old-school trads consider the logoed sportswear to be heresy. But it’s meant to draw in a younger customer and hopefully hook him for life. This logo is from the back of a baseball-style jacket:

Two nice Harris Tweed jackets; the left is single-vented, the right, double:

Another jacket:

If Brooklyn is still manufacturing handlebar-mustached hipsters, they’ll be dying for these spats-inspired ankle boots:

Continuing on the boulevardier theme, a lapelled waistcoat:

And another:

Tweed shoulder bag:

This Edward Green shoe completely baffled the PR team, who hadn’t even noticed it. They had no idea how it might be branded/cobranded, or what it would cost. You’ll have to stay tuned:

There were several Fair Isle knit ties played against other patterns:

These handsome pebble-grain pennies are from the Black Fleece collection:

This undarted heavy flannel Black Fleece jacket might interest orthodox trads:

Another camel-colored sportcoat, resting on a pillow from the home collection: