A reader with an eagle eye for spotting three-button sacks in the wild tipped us off to the upcoming film “At Middleton,” which is slated for release later this month.

Andy Garcia stars as George, a trad dad who learns to cut loose and find love while on a college tour with his son. The film’s Facebook page offers the following synopsis:

It’s not only teenagers who find themselves when they go off to college. Two brilliant actors best known for dramatic roles join forces in a romantic romp, and they have a ball. Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia play strangers who meet while escorting their teen children to campus-tour day at a mythical college named Middleton (the film is in part a hilarious parody of American college life).

In the trailer below, George sports a white buttondown, bow tie, navy blazer with a 3/2 roll, khakis and loafers all supplied by Brooks Brothers, as well as tortoise horn-rims by Anglo-American, according to the film’s credits.

Those apprehensive about the bow tie might take heart in how Farmiga’s character Edith quips flirtatiously, “Wait. Let me guess. Are you a Brooks Brothers model?”

Considering how she seductively unties his bow, she evidently doesn’t think it’s a bad thing. — ZACHARY DELUCA