Boutonnieres For A Summer Wedding, And That’s No BS


If you or someone you know is planning a summer wedding, why not outfit the groomsmen in boutonnieres made of oxford cloth?

Made by Mordechai Rubinstein of the blog Mister Mort, these were a highlight of the Pop-Up Flea show, founded by Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, held two weeks ago.

They’re priced at $38, but perhaps Mordecai will offer a discount for a bulk purchase. Just don’t expect any sartorial advice.


And if the idea of an unnatural flower in your lapel is abhorrent, just mark the idea BS with this vintage-style stamp from Wms & Co.:


Also at the show, oxford-cloth fun shirts from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam:


Some emblematic ties from Ernest Alexander:


Remember that Harris Tweed football carried by The Lodge that we showed last year? Well the manufacturer, Leatherhead, had to stop making them as someone else holds a legitimate patent on fabric footballs. This one was in suede:


 The show seemed smaller than last time, which is why there’s not as much to share. These herringbone socks from American Trench were nice:


Perhaps the most interesting discovery was a company with the unusual name of Canvas Bag Machine. Originally founded in Maine by the owner’s grandmother, if I recall correctly, it now operates out of Massachusetts, with each bag handmade right there in their workshop. The bags came in a variety of shapes and included some cool colors such as olive, Nantucket red, and a handsome shade of blue:





Finally, BS seems to be the lastest hipster buzzword. And if you’re the boss, you probably dish more than your fair share. Rah rah. — CC


10 Comments on "Boutonnieres For A Summer Wedding, And That’s No BS"

  1. Ward Wickers | May 23, 2015 at 5:03 pm |

    Sorry, mate. Boutonnieres are best left to the women.

  2. A proper boutonniere is a carnation, held in place by a loop on the back of the lapel. Red is the correct color for most situations; white is dressier, with pink an option for more casual wear in spring and summer. For black tie, blue cornflower is a daring alternative to red or white carnations.

  3. Harwell Crowper | May 24, 2015 at 8:31 am |


    Glad to read a comment by someone who’s not afraid to use the word “proper”, even though comments by others that back and navy are the only proper colors for socks, and navy and white are the only proper colors for polo shirts have met with sneers of derision.

  4. Harwell Crowper

    It just depends on if one is a 4 count box of Crayons guy or a 120 count box of Crayons guy. 😉

  5. “Proper boutonnière” uses proper as in a Yorkshire Tea ad, “Let’s have a proper brew.” Works for me, proper = the real deal. Moi, je n’aime pas les cloth boutonnières, and never find an occasion to sport a proper carnation, but to each his own.

    The other statements re: sock and polo colors insinuate anything else would be improper. These claims are indeed worthy of much derision and sneering. I sneer at and deride your boring sock drawer.

  6. I personally love boutonnieres. Particularly during the summer. If you’re (“your” on Twitter or Facebook) not overdoing colors in summer, you’re not doing summer right. My favorites are from J&HP in Nashville.

  7. If BS is the latest thing then Mr. Mort should sell, the Joe Tradley/Paul Winston BS tie
    Like he sold the look closer tie

  8. Dutch Uncle | May 26, 2015 at 12:32 pm |


    One man’s “boring” is another man’s “civilized/traditional”.

  9. Christian | May 26, 2015 at 12:38 pm |

    I’m glad you admit it’s just another man’s, and not for all of us.

  10. Dutch Uncle you ain’t lyin’, just ask the Amish

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