Blazer Patches from Chipp

When Paul Winston of Chipp Neckwear moved out of their building, he moved some Ivy history with him. It took a while to get to opening all the boxes, some of which hadn’t been touched in decades.

One of the things he found was a collection of blazer patches. I am getting one for my bag. In addition to Ivy schools, here are some of the other schools Mr. Winston has badges for:

Hello John,
The following list are colleges/universities, schools for which I have badges.
( In some cases only 1 )
If you/ or anyone wants to see an image, contact me.
Alabama, Boston College, California ( UCSD and UCLA ) U of Chicago U Conn, Holy Cross, Kent, Maryland, Mercersburg Academy, U of Missouri, Nebraska, Oberlin, Rutgers, Tulane, U of Vermont, Episcopal High School ( Alexandria Va )



I think he has some of every Ivy school – click on the image to go to the Chipp Neckwear site.


The cost is $14 including shipping, and the instructions for purchase that Mr. Winston gave me are these:

You pay for it by going to my site – – and ordering a cosmetic bag. In the comment section you say ” Columbia ” badge.
You will be charged $25 + shipping and I issue a credit so you are ultimately charged a total of $14.
My web site platform is Big Commerce and charges are processed by Stripe or PayPal. I never see a customers credit card #.
Any individual who wants to purchase a badge goes to the site and orders a cosmetic bag, In the comment section they list the badge they want.
–They can opt to use a credit card or PayPal. I issue a credit so they only pay $14 including mailing to any address in the USA.


It’s a little confusing, but you can email Mr. Winston at with questions.   Or, I know he likes the phone, which is (212) 687 -0850.



6 Comments on "Blazer Patches from Chipp"

  1. How fun! So sorry my alma mater is not among them but I hope others find theirs.

  2. I’m getting one as a gift — cool find, and nice to hear from *the* Paul Winston.

  3. Not really a crested blazer guy myself, but this is a nice find.

  4. No patch available for me. Just as well I suppose, as I’ve been toying with the idea of sterling silver blazer buttons for some time, and I do need a new blazer. The boys at the classical school I now support wear crested blazers. I like the look on them.

  5. Delivered in just a few days. (UPenn) Strange way to order something but worked out nicely.

  6. Very nice. Only wish they had my alma mater!

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