Black Friday: CC’s Holiday Gift Guide


You have no idea how tempted I was to create a gift guide consisting entirely of black “Ivy chic” items. But seriously, it should come as no surprise that advertising support is what has enabled me to devote the time necessary to inform and entertain you as we approach our 900th post. So the following are some holiday gift suggestions from our sponsors and associates, specifically chosen by me.

Above is a handsome watch from Brooks Brothers, who get the lead image because they are the king of this genre. Continuing in alphabetical order, we have the Wilton Weejuns from Bass:


Bills Khakis cotton sweater in loden:


Tahoe boat shoe from Buffalo Jackson:


Ivy buck from Castaway Clothing:


Woven silk belt from Collared Greens:


Red’s Outfitters sunglasses from Country Club Prep:


Criquet’s US-made “soul golfer” bag:


Navy wool Donegal belt from General Knot & Co.:


Drake’s wool and silk pocket squares from Hanger Project:


Plaid formalwear bow tie from High Cotton:


Duffle coat in grey from J. Press:


Vintage Ivy shirt from Kamakura:


Rope bracelet from Lemon & Line:


Horween leather briefcase from The Lodge:


Mercer’s “buttonless buttondown,” ready for a collar pin:


Shetland crewneck from Mettlers American Mercantile:


Silk pocket square from Monsieur Fox:


Herringbone socks from Nigel Knox:


Alpaca sportcoat from O’Connell’s:


Houndstooth tie by R. Hanauer:


Wool necktie from Ralph Lauren:


Cheviot tweed jacket from Royal Male:


Engine-turned buckle from Sir Jacks:


If you see something you like, be sure and check their social media channels as well as their ecommerce site; most everyone is offering special deals. — CC

14 Comments on "Black Friday: CC’s Holiday Gift Guide"

  1. $600 for “Made In Japan in partnership with Seiko instruments” , i.e. , it’s a Seiko. And I wouldn’t want the golden fleece on my watch dial, otherwise the case, hands, numerals and crown don’t look too bad. Also, it’s an automatic.

    I’m enjoying Buy Nothing Day 2013:

  2. The “silver” hands make reading the time very difficult in well-lit places. They should have been black.
    In any case, a Seiko is no better than a Timex. Or to put it more diplomatically, a Timex is as good as a Seiko.

  3. Nice watch, but one can find electric Seikos on Amazon for less than $150 that look better IMO. Both round and square tanks.

  4. A.E.W. Mason | November 29, 2013 at 2:04 pm |

    If I were to put something together from this grouping I would wear: the Mercer shirt (yes, with a tie pin); the Lauren tie; the O’Connell’s jacket; and the Ivy buck (I’d beat them up a bit first)–for trousers I’d wear a pair of Bill’s Khakis [not shown]. Perhaps it would be just a little “off” but also “woody,” if you know what I mean. Anyway, it might work.

    Thanks. I nice medley of items.

  5. Brooks Brothers also offers the same watch with a brown band and gold case for $650. The black band watch watch with the silver case is $50 less.,default,pd.html?dwvar_MW00032_Color=GOLD&contentpos=12&cgid=

  6. I don’t think you’ll get a made-to-order shirt out of Mercer’s in time for Christmas. I’m currently waiting on one ordered in early October (not that I mind, worth the wait, just saying). But they do offer gift certificates.

  7. Buy a watch from a company whose core competency is watch making. Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Polo, no thanks.

  8. I’ll add another.

    The Mercer & Sons 2-ply Pima Oxford in “Cream.”

    Forget white oxfords. Brooks “Ecru” works, but the Mercer “Cream” is even better. It, well, rises to the top. (I couldn’t help myself).

    Seriously, bright white shirts do few complexions any favors.

  9. The sportcoat from O’Connell’s looks great.

    I like the colors of the Ralph Lauren necktie.

  10. Anyone tried any of the Buffalo Jackson shoes?

  11. “In any case, a Seiko is no better than a Timex. Or to put it more diplomatically, a Timex is as good as a Seiko.”

    Seiko actually makes a huge range of products, ranging from junk with a calculator on it to Rolex-beating monsters. It probably doesn’t suck.

  12. The MacKenzie walker golf bag is fantastic. At $325, a bit expensive. A couple weeks ago, I ordered a Jones Bag at full price with free shipping. Got it a week ago, a beautiful retro bag. ( Perfect with vintage clubs, or any clubs.) I had an original that I bought for $2 at a garage sale some years ago. Used it until it disintegrated.

    Unfortunately, I should have waited for the Black Friday sale, 40% off. Who knew? Could have saved $50. A fool and his money are soon parted. Cheers!

  13. Just ordered a few items – the Ralph Lauren tie, the High Cotton bow tie, as well as a handful of items from J Press. Thanks, Christian.

  14. Good recommendations in general. I was looking for a wool tie for the season, liked the look (and the 3″ width) of the “wool” Ralph Lauren necktie, and went ahead and ordered it through the link here — without noting that it is in fact silk. So, FYI to your readers. There are other wool ties on the RL website which I may look to exchange this one for.

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