Biden It Now

Another 180-minute Democratic debate has passed with few fireworks aside from ex-HUD secretary Julián Castro accusing Joe Biden of forgetfulness. Castro’s arrow may have missed its mark, but newly uncovered evidence suggests that the former vice president once left a glen check Ralph Lauren sportcoat at a Delaware dry cleaner, and it can now be yours for just $7,500. 

The photos included in the eBay listing prominently display a yellow dry cleaner’s tag bearing the elder statesmen’s name, and the description claims it was purchased just 20 minutes away from Biden’s Delaware home, presumably at a secondhand store. 

Its buy-it-now price, which is nearly three times more than the maximum campaign contribution for an individual, may seem steep, but it will surely grow in resale value should its former owner take the oath of office in 2020. — ERIC TWARDZIK

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  1. A jacket that “from what I can tell was owned by Joe Biden,” says the seller. Doesn’t match his style, by the way.

  2. Not even $75.

  3. Wouldn’t pay $7.500 for Bobby Jones’ original Augusta National jacket. Don’t think that stuff is hard to fake. I bought a thrift store “green Jacket”, had a fake Augusta National patch sewed on, and voila, an “authentic” (under $10) Masters jacket. Around April, Ebay is filled with Masters jackets.
    I also have a thrift store navy blazer with a Harvard crest, total cost, less than $10. I’ve taken a couple online Harvard classes to help justify my extremely occasional wear.

    Did anyone read about the guy who tried to souvenir a bit of Augusta National sand from one of the bunkers? He was arrested, thrown in jail, and before it was all over, cost him $20K. Peanuts, probably, from a guy that got to the tourney in a private jet.
    If I ever get to the Masters, I’ll be sure to leave my jacket at home. Don’t want to get arrested for impersonating a member, and end up on a chain gang.
    “I got my mind right, Boss.”

    If not fake, I’m sure they might be a less famous Joe Biden out there, along with thousands of “Bobby Jones.”

  4. Location, location, location. Authentication, authentication, authentication.

  5. Old School Tie | September 14, 2019 at 9:55 am |

    Poppycock! I just scored a pair of Nike Adapt Huarache which I plan on re-selling and using the profits to splurge on ties from Drakes and RL. Ooh, the irony….

  6. Gabe Galloway | September 14, 2019 at 12:02 pm |

    Honestly, it isn’t like me to post here like this, but I know exactly which dry cleaner he uses, and they would never auction that off. They would keep it until the next time they see one of his family members come into their store and hand it over to them. I grew up in Wilmington in the 1980’s and we went to that dry cleaners. ?

  7. Mr. Biden: Keep in mind that JFK’s chinos sold for $1,800.

    For eBay to ask nearly four times the amount of JFK’s chinos for a secondhand sport coat is outrageous. You, sir, are no JFK.

  8. Ben, lighten up.

    Remember one word:

  9. @Gabe- This isn’t the Dry-Cleaners selling it. They guy probably found it at a Thrift Store. Though, I am sure anyone at any dry-cleaner could print whatever name they wanted on the label!

  10. Prescott Burnham | September 15, 2019 at 12:38 am |

    Re: “anyone at any dry-cleaner could print whatever name they wanted on the label“.
    How right you are!

  11. My last comment on the internet, I’m going to listen to my record player from now on.

  12. @GabeGalloway: I’m curious to know whether our paths may have crossed at any time – I, too, grew up in Wilmington in the 70s & 80s; in fact, I went to school with Biden’s youngest son. I lived and worked in Wilmington until the early 2000s, when I moved to Maryland.

  13. Maybe there is a copy of his plagiarised Neil Kinnock speech in the pocket.

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