Bean Counter: The Business Brilliance of Leon Leonwood

A five-part documentary on how LL Bean turned a small rubber boot company into a business empire with annual revenues of $1.8 billion.

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  1. When I visited the Freeport, ME store as a teenager in 1964 my father pointed out a handwritten note tacked to a door leading from the store to stockrooms that read “Keep this d–n door shut! LL Bean.” Mr. Bean, then well into his 90s, still ran the place with an iron fist.

    Too bad they’ve dropped so many great products like cavalry twill and whipcord slacks made from excellent wool with subtle leather trim. Current wool products are not that great IMO.

  2. Too bad they don’t have an oxford cloth buttondown shirt with a proper-length collar!
    Their shirts can only be worn with the top button unbuttoned. They just don’t look right with a tie. (All they have to do is copy the Brooks or Lands’ End collar).

  3. I think you are right OCBD….I just purchased a Sea Green Chambray short sleeved button up shirt from them….and when I wear it with a tie I leave the top button unbuttoned. But then again I do this with most of my shirts so I don’t look too uptight

  4. I found it interesting to see that he fished with Babe Ruth and Ted Williams….
    I love Freeport….besides LL Bean, there are many other designer clothing stores there where one can certainly purchase “ivy” looking items

  5. I too have visted the Freeport store, and I like the concept of L.L. a lot, but I wish they would go back to more of their “vintage” designs, Like commissioned artwork for the covers of their catalouge, moving back to more of an “outdoorsy” style and less buisness-casual, and mabye bringing back most of their manufacturing to Maine. Although some items are reallly a hit with me, about 70% are a miss. Oh well.

  6. P.S. If you are in Freeport, I highly reccomend the Burberry outlet.

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