Bass From The Past

This is our third post based on vintage Bass advertisements, which have now been consolidated into this one post. A walks through American history in the footsteps of one of its singular shoes. ā€” CC

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  1. great story. always loved these shoes, especially the non-penny holding style. where did you find these great images?

    well done!

  2. and what of all the talk that the new weejuns are poorly made?

  3. great pix.

  4. Dutch Uncle | March 2, 2012 at 9:55 am |

    The copy writer clearly meant the classical languages (Latin and Greek), rather than the Romance (capitalized) languages (French, Spanish, Italian…).

    By the way, would “the corner soda shop” mean anything to today’s college students?

  5. The new Weejuns are made in Dingleberristan (or someplace like that) and have terrible dye jobs. You can smell the cheapness on-line.

    If you want penny loafers, you should stay away from the crummy modern ones made by Bass. You either have to go vintage (i.e., the made in America ones), or go to another company, like Allen Edmonds or Alden. Maybe some of the very small American shoemakers also produce penny loafers, too.

  6. I say some beautifully made penny loafers, with beautiful leather, and competitively priced. I almost cried when i found they didn’t make them in size 14. They were made in Taiwan and I could not fault them- they were not cheap Chinese (mainland) crap.

  7. Great post. I agree with @Henry 100% re: quality issues. Since 1998 they’ve produced most of their shoes in China and Sri Lanka, I believe.

    I have some great old made in Maine weejuns and the quality is night and day different thant he new ones I’ve seen in stores……..sad, really.

  8. The style is timeless, but the quality is not. Outsourcing has done nothing for the artisan and everything for the bean counter!

  9. Mike Devine | March 2, 2012 at 4:50 pm |

    Weejuns are cool but Barries (were) are bettah. I really miss the Barrie Ltd. ankle boot with the strap. Jimmie Choo has a neat ankle boot only $1295 a copy, look real good.

  10. Not a beefroll among them.

  11. With the demise of a true weejun, all the more reason to graduate to Minnetonkas – the soled version, “polishable” tie moccasin – and Belgians in good weather.

  12. I bought a pair of Minnetonka slippers, and was disappointed to find that they were made in China. I don’t know where their other shoes are made, but their website doesn’t tell you, which strongly suggests that they, too, are made abroad.

  13. I remember the old Weejuns very well having worn them while growing up. The new ones of today are Bass Weejuns in name only — low grade leather, and poor workmanship. A shame because these used to be such wonderful, comfortable shoes. And the other posters are right about going with Alden nowadays.

  14. thanks for sharing these great advertisements

  15. Has anybody mentioned the Alden 5611? The LHS great, but the 5611 construction is, well, Weejunesque. Not sure if a pic can be found.

  16. Barries had all of their shoes made by others, including, I believe, Bass and Sebago…..

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