I love the message-in-a-bottle quality of the net. Send a note out and see what comes back.

So on day three or so of tweeting — which is actually pretty fun — I hear about this new site Fuck Yeah Menswear, which runs “on point” stream-of-consciousness parodies of fashionable pretension.

So on Friday I tweeted “I want my Ivy parody NOW!” and Monday we get this.

Highlights from the incoherent ramble include:

Pennys with no socks (natch).

I’m Trad in a toaster.

I only buy Made in the fucking USA.

Ivy is not modern Jazz.

I wonder who’s behind it? If you know, please give us the scoop. Here are updated rewards for revealing the identities of those on Ivy Style’s most-wanted list:

1) WASP 101 — $50

2) Fuck Yeah Menswear — $40

3) Russell Street — $5