Much is afoot, if you’ll pardon the pun, at Allen Edmonds these days. A few days ago the company released some fascinating footage on YouTube showing its factory in the 1940s.

I was able to speak with Allen Edmonds president Paul Grangaard recently while writing the cover story for the January issue of MR (Menswear Retailer). The story is on the ups and downs of being a domestic manufacturer, and during the interview Grangaard pointed out that over 90 percent of the shoes Americans wear are made either in India or China. It’s nice to see Allen Edmonds reversing this trade deficit: On November 29 it opened its first store outside the US — in Shanghai, China:

Finally, this fall the brand broadened its shell cordovan offerings to include the Patriot penny loafer (which we wrote about recently) as well as the Grayson tassel loafer, both priced at $595:

Here’s a video the company made about its cordovan production:

I’ll share my story when it comes out next month. I think it has quite a few interesting revelations about the pros and cons of being made in the US. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD