A Visit To J. Press York Street


Yesterday I stopped by J. Press’ location in the West Village to visit DCG and see the latest displays and merchandise. Let’s have a look.

Above, collar pin with fastened buttondown and skull and bones lapel pin.

Below, braces and ball cap:


And speaking of ball caps, the one on the right spells out “got rum?” in signal flags:


Remarkably subdued:


Neo-prep GTH:


Ties of all kinds:


Including madras:


And patch seersucker among buckle-back navy shorts:


Poplin suits:


Creeping close to Wallabee territory:


And a fine salesman in a silk J. Press jacket on a hot summer afternoon. The guy has such skills he even suckered me into a blue oxford popover, a kind of garment I’d previously ridiculed. The art of friendly persuasion. — CC


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  1. I bought a blue uni stripe popover from DCG not too long ago, and the tropical wool trousers from the Blue line as well a couple of weeks ago. Very pleased with both purchases.

  2. Shad M. Jeffrey II | July 22, 2016 at 11:47 am |

    Those buckle-back navy shorts are mighty fine

  3. Charlottesville | July 22, 2016 at 11:50 am |

    Some very nice pieces. I especially like the ties, with the possible exception of the green bowtie in the last photo, which may be a bit flashy for my complexion and would no doubt require the added expense of batteries or an extension cord. The pinned club collars also look particularly good (batteries not required). My new club collar shirt (OCCC?) from Ratio has shipped and should arrive any day now. I ordered it based on the recommendations of Christian and Ivy-Style commenters ZJP, Eric (from Ratio), Jerrysfriend and Mark, and am looking forward to adding it to the rotation. One question: was the last photo taken in the Boys’ Department? The outfit on which the worthy DCG rests his hand appears to be sized for GI Joe, and the one to the left looks even tinier. Perhaps it is some trick of the lighting or photographic foreshortening. DCG’s ensemble is, of course, impeccable.

  4. Proud of my ensemble, my mugging for the camera is an inexplicable character defect that I haven’t been able to shake since middle school…Always great meeting fans of the Look, including some great guys that are regulars both here and on FNB Talk Ivy.

    Keep visiting, and keep giving us feedback! I assure you your compliments and your concerns are always relayed to corporate.

    New York Daniel (as opposed to Cambridge Daniel, who is equally pleased to meet trad devotees)

  5. carmelo pugliatti | July 22, 2016 at 4:28 pm |

    Fine,trad..itional stuff.
    American apparel at his best.
    But the ties are not a bit much on the wide side?

  6. Wearing a collar pin with a button down equals wearing a belt with braces…one guys opinion.

  7. A contrasting whip stitch on the pocket hankie — what a creative way to call attention to rolled edges, a near-lost artform. Clever and attractive.

  8. Some decent things but mostly a whole lot of meh IMO.

  9. What blazer is that in the second photo? Hopsack?

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