A Tour of Brooks Brothers’ Boston Store

Video clip about Brooks Brothers’ store on Newbury Street in Boston. Fans of puckered oxford-cloth will no doubt cringe at the store manager’s remark that non-iron shirts are “one of the greatest innovations in fashion.”

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  1. Wrinkles belong only on linen. The beefier oxford fabric naturally resists wrinkles, but the pinpoint has always been problematic. I would agree with the manager’s comment about no-wrinkle fabric, but would also posit that the “slim fit” is a welcome addition. No more ballooning at the waist and upper arms.

  2. Agree about slim fit, but non-iron shirts are evil.

  3. Paul Stillman | October 21, 2009 at 8:01 pm |

    I couldn’t live without no-wrinkle fabric. Slim fit is out for me. The more the shirt balloons on me, the better.

  4. Chacun a son gout.

  5. love slim shirts, but like both regular and wrinkle free.

  6. “a chacun son gout”: to each his taste

  7. I have tried the non-iron shirts thinking they would be more convenient for the average day at work. Unfortunately, even after many washings, they still irritate my skin. I still have two, very old and threadbare shirts from before Marks & Spencer – these are still my favourite work shirts for chores around the house or for longing around on a lazy morning.

  8. I’d agree that non-iron shirts are a great addition, however, they don’t come out of the dryer with that “just pressed” perfection. Their benefit is the ability for them to maintain that “just pressed” perfection all day – even be folded for travel and come out and shake out the wrinkles. That’s what makes them “one of the greatest innovations in fashion”

  9. Any idea why I just get a big white space instead of a video clip?

  10. Paul Stillman | October 22, 2009 at 10:27 am |

    If I had a maid or a butler, I suppose I wouldn’t mind a no-wrinkle shirt. After a hard day of work, however, I’m not about to start ironing. I don’t think my mother ironed dad’s shirts after the early seventies came and went.

  11. I live around the corner from that shop. The associates there are phenomenal and the store is really gorgeous. Highly recommend a visit.

  12. jordan winer | October 23, 2009 at 11:15 am |

    Non iron shirts are scary … I have one , from, brooks, and i can’t look at it…. where are the wrinkles of yesterday? does everything have to be perfect?

  13. formaldehyde irrates your skin and causes cancer. thats what makes the shirts non-iron. i’ll stick to a slim fit, iron shirt.

  14. I was just in this store a few weeks ago, as I have family that live in Boston. Sorry folks, but this store will never be as good as any of the New York locations….

  15. Bermuda,

    This store was as good as the New York locations, before they loused it up with renovations.

    Man has this comapny ever jumped the shark. To me, just abot everything in this video is so un-Brooks Brothers it makes me want to cry. The real problem, I guess, is that nobody remembers, or cares anymore, about whats been lost and what hasn’t succeeded in replacing it.

    Seiously, is that gut really the general manager of Brooks Brothers? In a dark blue non-iron shirt? Talking about hemming pants and shortening sleeves like this is a genious new thing they came up with?

    And before you write me off as a bitchy old man, I’m only 32. I feel like I missed out on something really special that will never exist again.

    Sigh, I could go on……

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