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My Kinda Clothes: The Millennial Fogey, Summer Edition

As we race towards the heart of summer, here are some reflections on warm-weather attire from our erstwhile Millennial Fogey columnist. * * * Allow me to reflect on what clothing serves me best in summer. I’ll start with the tried-and-true, not to say cliché: I’m mad for madras. Sportcoats, Bermuda shorts, trousers, shirts — sadly

Millennial Fogey: A Golden Ratio

We’ve had an especially mild winter in New York that has turned into a hit-and-miss spring. New York springs are always too short, with summer just one quick subway stop down the line, and so my wardrobe is itching to shift into warm weather gear. Enter Ratio Clothing, which I challenged to make something that

Millennial Fogey: A Halloween Nightmare In Verse

The Fogey’s Halloween Nightmare (With apologies to WS Gilbert) by Daniel C. Greenwood When you’re lying awake With a fogey’s headache And a glass of scotch whisky to comfort you, If you’re like me you’ll scream For it is Halloween, With scanty and horrid costumes in full view. My mind dwells on the fact That

The Millennial Fogey: Introducing Michael Spencer

While I’ve been told I’m conservative in my dress, I certainly don’t consider myself orthodox. I’ve got darted suits with pleated pants (from J. Press). And this depravity will almost certainly ignite the torches among the trad inquisitors: I’ve been known to wear blue oxford-cloth buttondowns with contrasting white collars. I make no apologies, as

Millennial Fogey: Gilding The Lilly

Launched Sunday, Lilly Pulitzer for Target has already come and gone —quite quickly, as a matter of fact. It was a masterful act of marketing for Lilly’s parent company, Oxford Industries, whose stock leapt 7 percent. Target itself comes away with slightly less to brag about, with thousands of irate customers walking away with empty

MMilestone: Ivy Style Reaches Post #2,000

Eleven years ago, in the middle of August 2008, I had just published the “Miles Davis goes to The Andover Shop” piece for Ralph Lauren Magazine, and was so fascinated by this little-known anecdote of Americana that I was working hard at launching a daunting new web project called From Los Angeles, of all

Ralph Lauren Spring 2018: The Return Of Neo-Prep

Four-and-a-half years ago, our erstwhile columnist The Millennial Fogey mused on the uncertain future of neo-prep. Well, fashion life cycles are pretty short these days, and I think we can say it’s back. I’m a bit biased when it comes to Ralph Lauren. They’re my longest running client, as I’ve written for their online magazine

Everything New Is Old Again! The Spring/Summer 2018 J. Press Brochure

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely you’ve already received the new J. Press brochure in the mail. If not, contact the store by phone or email and ask for one, because it’s terrific. In the meantime, you can check out a PDF right here. The brochure features graphics taken from heyday-era catalogs, the much-improved shoulder

Bean Gives Unlimited Return Policy The Boot

I actually had no idea how generous LL Bean has been for the past century with its return, exchange and replacement policy. It took our Millennial Fogey to explain that for a certain kind of consumer, a one-time purchase was a lifetime guarantee of replacements. New England kids would even source old Bean Boots and

The Year I Found My Style

This young lawyer was a lost soul until he found his way to Ivy Style, the website and the clothing genre, and joined the online trad brotherhood. * * * Twenty-seventeen is the year I found my style. Prior to this year, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Although I am in a

A Handsome Gift Idea

J. Press just got in a pair of wonderful gifts for the Yalie in your life, with a nifty connection to Ivy Style. The artist — Deborah Fowler Greenwood — is the mother of our very own Millennial Fogey DCG! The prints feature the NYC Yale Club as well as mascot Handsome Dan, are part