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A League Of His Own: The Andover Shop’s Charlie Davidson

Today I’d like to look back on one of my favorite menswear stories I was ever fortunate enough to tell: my 2012 profile on Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop, written shortly after meeting the legend for the first time. * * * A League Of His Own By Christian Chensvold From The Rake, issue

Hot Or Not? George Frazier, Charlie Davidson & The Duende Game

Recently I had drinks with members of Charlie Davidson’s family, and the subject of George Frazier and the duende game came up, which made said family member shake their head, as if it had come up one too many times at the dinner table. For those who don’t know what “duende” is, proceed to become

The Maestro Of Andoverian Garb: Boston Globe Tribute To Charlie Davidson

When a celebrated person dies and a newspaper does a full-length feature, I’m not sure if it’s technically an obituary. So we’ll call The Boston Globe’s piece on Andover Shop founder Charlie Davidson a tribute. Here’s some background on the man that few of us knew: Born in Lawrence in 1926, Mr. Davidson was of

Good Night, Sweet Prince: Exclusive Bruce Boyer Tribute To Charlie Davidson

There are men all over the place reminiscing and telling stories about Charlie Davidson. Everyone either knew him or knew of him. Charlie ran The Andover Shop in Cambridge for more than a half century, and saw to the sartorial needs of professors and politicians, students, jazz musicians, and mere male mortals who wanted to

Charlie Davidson, 1926-2019

A person close to Andover Shop founder Charlie Davidson has informed me that he passed away this morning. On a very personal note, I am also heartbroken to learn that he was recently told that I was moving Newport, where he has spent much of his life, and that he said he hoped to see

F-Yeah Charlie Davidson!

Revisiting this post from 2012 devoted to the legendary founder of The Andover Shop. * * * Yesterday menswear omnivore Derek Guy of Die Workwear! and Put This On started a tumblr devoted to the wit and wisdom of menswear legend Charlie Davidson, the octogenarian owner of The Andover Shop. “The Quotable Charlie Davidson,” a

An Almost Mystical Presence: Charlie Davidson On Chet Baker

This 2012 piece for The Rake features quotes from The Andover Shop’s Charlie Davidson.  * * * Passive Form: Don’t be fooled by those pulse-slowing tunes: self-destructive jazz prodigy Chet Baker — the most stylish man ever to not give a hoot about clothing — was a man of sheer, energetic brass By Christian Chensvold

Charlie Davidson Turns 90!

Today Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop turns 90, and a young acolyte recounts how the legendary clothier continues to inspire. * * * When I was in high school I read Christian Chensvold’s article for The Rake on Charlie Davidson and The Andover Shop and knew I needed to visit the legendary haberdashery as

Tip From Charlie: How to Rock the Roll

When I visited The Andover Shop in 2010, Charlie Davidson had a handy tip if you’re unsatisfied with the collar roll on your buttondown oxfords. It goes like this: 1) Unbutton the collar. 2) Push it upwards until it achieves an arched shape. 3) Stick the tip of a pencil through the buttonhole and make a

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop turns 91 today and refuses to retire. Truly one of a kind. Happy Birthday, Charlie, from all of us here. — CC

Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!

Charlie Davidson, the legendary 86-year-old proprietor of The Andover Shop, doesn’t often condescend to pose for the camera, but he acquiesced last week for my long-gestating profile in The Rake. Consider the shot above a sneak peek and expect the story sometime this summer. The headline, for those of you who don’t listen to music

Young Chet Baker by G. Bruce Boyer

Editor’s Note: We are beyond fortunate to be able to print as an exclusive three essays on music, specifically jazz, by Mr. G. Bruce Boyer. After reading Mr. Boyer, you are going to want to hear the music. I have put together a playlist here for you of some of Mr. Boyer’s recommendations.   Thank you

Graduation Day

In 1992, while a student at my California state school, I met with one of my English professors to talk about grad school. “I think I’d like to go to the Ivy League,” I said.  She gave me quite a look.  I don’t know where that came from, as I clearly didn’t know what I

Dateline 1954, The Ivy League Look Heads Across The US

In our last post we mentioned a 1954 LIFE Magazine article entitled “The Ivy Look Heads Across US.” It’s been referenced several times here, including in a few of Richard Press’ columns, as J. Press was largely featured in the article. But we’ve never actually presented it here and new readers may not be familiar with

June Night

For those of you new to Tradsville, this website was born from a summer 2008 story I did for Ralph Lauren Magazine about Miles Davis getting outfitted by Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop in 1954 . I was so fascinated by the multifacted stories behind the Ivy League Look that I decided to launch

My Kinda Clothes: The Vintage Combo Of Turtleneck + V-Neck

My Kinda Clothes is a charming term coined by the late Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop, and is an occasional series in which readers talk about their personal style. If you’d like to tell us about your own quirks and proclivities, please use the contact button above. * * * I love wearing a

Brooks Clothes & White Shoes: Harvard Blues, 1941

In 1941, Count Basie release “Harvard Blues,” which opens with the following immortal lines: I wear Brooks clothes and white shoes all the time I wear Brooks clothes and white shoes all the time Get three “Cs,” a “D” and think checks from home sublime The lyrics were written by George Frazier, close pal of

On The HuffPo: Rules And Rule-Breaking

Shortly after arriving in New York I developed a men’s style column at The Huffington Post which lasted for a short time. This article on the rules of dress is still up on the site and I think is worth revisiting at a moment in time when standards of dress are in grave danger. (You