44 Flavors: The Brooks Brothers Polo-Shirt Boxed Set

Summer is three months, or 90 days. Today Brooks Brothers sent out a mailer announcing a boxed set of polos in 44 colors. Why 44? Because that’s the flagship’s cross street on Madison Avenue.

It’s also convenient number for planing your summer wardrobe. Not only does the set cover just about every shade in the spectrum, you can wear each one just twice and have the whole summer covered: a different shirt every other day.

The set is available for three days only and will set you back $2,000. Available in regular and slim fits. — CC

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  1. Had all of the logo’s been done with the traditional “golden” thread I might be tempted. Hopefully the knucklehead that approved the multi-colored logos was fired. This is another example of why aluminum baseball bats should be standard office equipement.

  2. Personally I don’t mind the multicoloured logos. Love the BB polo, in fact I’m wearing a hunter green one right now.

  3. Jesse Livermore | April 16, 2012 at 6:52 pm |

    Little boys and gophers wear polo shirts.

  4. H.K. Rahman | April 16, 2012 at 8:17 pm |

    I love polos, and I love BB. But I don’t love polos from BB. RL’s are far superior in every way – cut, fabric, and in how they age.

  5. Polo–that is, tennis–shirts are a summer staple.

    As long as they’re logo-free.

    I’d rather have a cheapo Target/Walmart shirt, sans logo, than a Brooks Brothers “the purchaser pays to advertise for us” one.

  6. Hummm? That’s actually a pretty good deal… I typically get the RL polo as well and still have shirts from high school that I wear (11 years later!)… Im curious just how many ivy style readers wear polos and if so, what brand? CC should start a poll…! I’ve tried others and just never get the same satisfaction in fit, quality, collar behavior, etc…

    As for logos, if the quality and fit is acceptable, I really don’t care who I’m advertising for… I hear that arguement all the time, but I don’t think half these companies would be around if they all made solid polo shirts.. The fact is that the majority of buyers want to convey a status in their clothes and logos… Plain and simple, if polo and BB didn’t capitalize on that, they just may not have made it this far.

    Just my 2 cents though.

  7. Bill Stephenson | April 17, 2012 at 2:05 am |

    No question that those of us who enjoy this net publication obsess about things that may not be that significant in the cosmic scheme of things.

    However, this thread illustrates one thing that seems to be present in much of the attraction of “Ivy”. This might be called reverse ostentation.

    Although virtually no one knows, or cares about the display of a logo, most of us would rather avoid logos of any type.

    However, life is full of trade offs. With polo shirts, there is; color selection, fit, price, fabric, and price per wearing, or how long can you wear the garment, that all deserve consideration.

    No right answer for everyone, obviously.

    However, one thing that is often overlooked is the way that interlocking fabric looks and feels. RL is the only one that I have found that comes in interlocking fabric, that fits well. Pique seems flimsy in comparison, to me.

    Price is a consideration, obviously. The new Bills’ logo free might be a good choice, except for the high price.

    In spite of some good reviews, many of the others in the lower price range have some significant disadvantages in appearance, to me. (GAP,Target, LLB, J Crew, LE, et al.)

    This leaves only one choice that I can find, albeit with one drawback that may be insurmountable, to many.

    RL makes an interlocking knit, that can be on sale on the net for @$57, that looks and wears for many more seasons, than any pique that I have seen. You may find one or more of the dozen colors that work for you.

    Yes, the pony is there,mercifully, in one color, but life is full of situations that call for a trade off.

  8. Bill Stephenson | April 17, 2012 at 4:45 am |

    Randy makes a good point about the logo placement.

    @1994, RL made the polo with the logo on the shirt tail. Didn’t sell and they never tried it again.

    As a tangential observation, watching the Heritage Classic at Hilton Head on TV, there it was in living color.

    Something that seems intuitively obvious to the casual observer is that there are certain guys that should never, under any circumstance, wear a polo shirt.

  9. You should all check out http://www.vastrm.com. You can design your own polo shirt to your personal liking. Slim fit, sport fit, relaxed fit. Add accents to placket, banded cuff, hem cuff, etc… No logos or add your own. Really cool site!

  10. @Bill – loved your Heritage Classic comment. My mother has been here on a visit and She had that on the TV. After watching in horror for two minutes i questioned her as to who the golfers were and if being 50lbs overweight was a qualifying requirement.

  11. wear a shirt instead

  12. I dislike not only the multicolored logos, but the fact that BB seems to be putting logos on everything these days. On polos I can deal with it, but they apparently find it necessary to emblazon all their more casual button downs and and outwear with them as well.

  13. Bill Stephenson, I agree with you, but the pique breaths better in warm weather. K complained about the multi-colored BB logo, but at one time it was considered a find to get a Ralph knit with the multi-colored pony&player.

    The original RL polo knit wasn’t detailed like the once Izod standard. It was very heavy interlocken knit with a wide three button placard, larger collar and golf length banded sleeves. The RL logo was at least twice the size it is now,but, it was made in the USA.

  14. I don’t know if anyone is ever going to see this, but does anyone know if this is something that Brooks does every year for three days, or is this a one time thing?

  15. Brooks Brothers design is my favorie. Could you have the 10 primary coloris.

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